Saturday, January 30, 2010

January snow storm!

On Friday we were hit with another batch of the white stuff....not as much as the December snow storm, but we still have at least 8 inches or so. It's really difficult to play in because over the top of the snow is about an inch of ice. Hopefully, the ice will melt down so that we can build a snowman!! Enjoy our pics!
Addison eating the snow!
"Ellye" the snow dog!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Belated Christmas post...

Contrary to popular belief, the Goodman family has not fallen off of the face of the earth! We've been really really busy lately preparing for Spunky's mission trip, Christmas and we all had a great week off together the week after Christmas. Here's some pictures to sum everything up...

Leaving decorated sugar cookies & eggnog out for Santa! The next morning she went straight over to her table and exclaimed "Santa made a mess"!

I took this picture after Santa made his delivery at our house. Addison recieved a bike, a scooter, a new baby & high chair, an outfit & the pizza that she asked for. In her stocking she recieved some tinkerbell bubble bath, candy, crayons, a coloring book, a bath poof, and jewelery....what more could a girl ask for?? We also gave her some new clothes & a beautiful "Sleeping Beauty" dress & shoes. Spunky gave me some clothes that I wanted, a new Bible,and a gift card to The Gap. I gave him some clothes, a Hollister gift card, and money to get his passport with.

Addison asked Santa numerous times for a pizza & he delivered it!

She loved opening presents!

First Play Date! Addison's friend Lydia from church and dance came over to play. They had a great time playing dolls & dress up!

On New Year's day we took Addison roller skating at the Franklin Skating Rink. She had a blast and did really well!