Friday, March 19, 2010

3 Weeks from today...

In 3 short weeks from today, I will take "Spunky" to the airport and say goodbye to him. For ten days he will be going on the trip that he has always dreamed of....his first mission trip! He's headed to Brazil, more specifically the Amazon River Basin to do various mission work that includes street ministry, Vacation Bible School for children & to help some of the locals to start churches.

All week we have been collecting various items such as toys, hygiene items, stickers & school supplies. Last night he went to meet with the 7 other people that he will be traveling with to pack his "supply bag" and it is now packed to the brim.

"Spunky" is really excited about this adventure and he is anticipating how God is going to work through him in Brazil. I am a little nervous about this experience, but I know that it will be awesome and I can't wait to hear all about it.

Please keep "Spunky" & the other mission team members in your prayers.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Typical day in the Goodman household...

One of the blogs that I read ( encouraged each of her readers to write about their typical I guess that it's my turn.

6:00 am - Beep beep beep, yup that's the beeping of my alarm clock, but it's going to get earlier next week as I have vowed to be at the gym at 6 Am!

6:35 - Addison is normally up and perched on my spot in my bed beside her Daddy watching morning cartoons, Daddy is usually grumbling that it's too early Ha!

7:10 - Out the door with lunch in hand headed to Asheville

8:00 - Setting up my room and getting my first patient of the day

8:05 - 12 PM - Patients, patients & lots of them! I am supposed to see one patient every 30 - 45 minutes, so I have to stay on track. During each visit I invite the parent of my patient to come back with their child so that I can talk to the parent about the child's diet, brushing techniques at home and their daily schedule. I first listen to any concerns that the parent has about their child's teeth and then I attempt to get x - rays on every patient that I see & show the child's parent how to effectively brush and floss their child's teeth and then I do a quick cleaning. The child normally sits on my lap for the cleaning, and yes a lot of times they scream, but I try to talk the child through it. After an examination by the dentist & a good fluoride treatment the patient is out the door with a new toothbrush & a shiny new toy, and I head back to my room to finish up my notes & to clean my room up as fast as possible before my next patients appointment.

11Am - Josh is normally dropping off Addison around this time at our babysitter & heading to work himself!

12 PM - lunch time, I normally eat my lunch at work, but sometimes I run errands or make a quick trip to the mall.

1 - 5 PM - More & more patients!

5 PM - I'm usually heading out the door & on my way home, fighting Asheville rush hour traffic!

6 PM - I arrive at Mom's to pick up Addison ( she normally picks up Addie around 4:30 from our baby sitter. I try to make this a quick stop, because I need to hurry home & prepare dinner.

6:15 - Finally home to prepare dinner, I run in and prepare Addison a quick snack to hold her over until dinner is served. Normally, I prepare something the night before so that whatever we are going to eat that night just needs to be thrown into the oven & I only need to prepare a couple of side dishes. We eat lots & lots of leftovers. While whatever is in the oven I do a load of laundry, lay out clothes, or do some type of chore! On a daily basis I always wash all of the dishes (by hand because we don't have a dishwasher) & do a load of laundry. It drives me nuts if the laundry and dishes aren't kept up with!

7PM - Josh is now off of work, but rarely does he come home right after work. Tuesday nights he has school at Fruitland Bible College in Hendersonville, Wednesday nights he has class & on Thursdays he meets with some people at church to pray for his mission trip that he is going on in April. So normally Addison and I eat at this time & she helps me clean up afterwards. Such a sweet girl!

8PM - Daddy is finally home around this time! He eats dinner while Addison and I go off to play in her room & work on some educational things!

8:45 - Bath time for Addison

9:00 - Story and bedtime for Addison

9:00 - 10:00 - Mama time!!! This is my time of the day to do whatever I want to do, although sometimes I am preparing dinner for the next day. Thank goodness for the dvr so that I can record shows & watch them during this time!

10:00 - 10:30 - devotionals and time with hubby

10:30 - lights out for me anyway, Josh normally stays up and does some studying and comes to bed a little after 11.

I know that this is a crazy day, but thank goodness I only work 4 days a week! On Fridays Addison stays home with me and we have fun! Sometimes we go to the Rec Center and go swimming, or go to the library, or just stay at home and play all day...oh and catch up on housework!