Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Field Trip

Today, Addison went on her very first field trip and Spunky and I went along for the fun! We are so blessed to have jobs that understand that we want to be there for everything!

We traveled to the fruit stand to learn all about apples. When we were there we learned and tasted different varieties of apples, learned how to make apple turnovers and apple pies. We even went into their BIG refrigerator and learned that apples keep best in the cold refrigerator!

It was also nice to meet other parents, teachers and her friends!

I have actually been meaning to post this picture of Addison on her very first day of pre - school.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Weekend Away...

This weekend was a really busy, but fun weekend. A few weeks ago, we found out that our niece Anna (Josh's sister's daughter) was cheering a couple of hours away from us, so of course we went down to see her. We left out mid day on Saturday and went to Georgia to see Ms. Anna. She's a great cheerleader and we had a great time! It just amazes me at how much she has grown up! She has turned out to be such a lovely young lady and she truly loves Christ with all of her heart and that is what makes her beautiful inside and out!

Our nephew, Will (Anna's younger brother) has also grown up into a handsome young man. He loves to ride his dirtbike and he does really well in school. I love watching Anna and Will play with Addison. They are so gentle with her, but she loves to wrestle with them.

After the football game, we drove a little ways and stayed in Anderson, SC. We searched out a hotel with an indoor pool for Addison so that she could splash the night away. We finally settled into a Country Inn & Suites & we had a great time playing in the pool and then laying in the bed together eating pop tarts & cheering on our Clemson Tigers until bed time!

The next day we went to downtown Clemson to eat lunch and shop in the stores to stock up on some orange for our wardrobe! We had a great time together, I just love those little weekend getaways!