Saturday, July 25, 2009

VBS and all that jazz...

Wow...what a busy week we had. Luckily, Addison's babysitter was on vacation this week and since I had some vacation time left over I was off work on Wed, Thurs & Friday! That made me verrryyy happy to have the opportunity to spend time with my little girl! Also this week was Vacation Bible School at our church and I was blessed when our VBS director asked me to teach Addison's class. Enjoy the pictures from our busy week.

When I am working I usually try to eat at Lenny's Sub Shop at least once a week. If you have never ate there you have to try it, but I will warn you that if you do eat there you will never want to eat at Subway again. Anyway, I have always wante to take Addie to eat there, so when our friend Amy gave birth to her new baby we went to eat there before going to meet the new addition to the Lynn family at Mission Hospital. Lenny's Sub shop is about one block down from Mission Hospital on Biltmore Ave. I highly recommened the Kid's meal, with that you get a 3-4 in sub, chips, drink, and one of Lenny's famous cookies for $5.28!

Here is Addison working on her Australian musical instrument called a didgeridoo sp?
Addie & Lane painting in VBS
(no, I couldn't figure out how to rotate

On Thursday Aunt Christal & Cooper came into town for a visit. This picture was taken on Friday when they came over to play on the swing set.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me, Daddy and The 5 K

Hello, Addison Kate Goodman here! I am going to be helping mommy with this post!
Today was very exciting! First of all, Daddy and I have been running together all summer...well Daddy does the running while I eat my snack in my stroller and cheer him along! So, earlier this week we found out that there was a race in our town! It was called the Folkmoot 5K, Daddy has wanted to run a race for a very long time and this one would be a good one to start with!
You see, when Daddy was a bit younger and had a lot more hair he ran races all of the time, he was on his high school's cross country team! His senior year of high school he finished 4th in the State of Georgia! He also ran a lot more races...even carrying the torch for the 1996 Olympics!

So, it's been a while since Daddy has ran an actual race! When he found out about the race he asked me to stroll along with him. Being the good girl that I am, I agreed!

Unfortunately, this whole thing started wwwaaayyy too early on a Saturday morning. Daddy came and woke me up at 6:15 am, that's even before Pooh comes on! So, I sat in the recliner and stared at my breakfast while I woke up. Then I remembered that today was RACE DAY! So, I got very excited and a little inpatient when Mommy couldn't get her hair dried fast enough.

When we got to the Folkmoot Center in downtown Waynesville there were athletic people everywhere...I got a little freaked out, but I was still ready to cheer Daddy along in the stroller. But then, my very best friend came.....NANA! I barely had time to give Nana a hug and a kiss before Daddy had put me back into my stupid stroller and was making me find our place in the line up. I then decided that I did not want to run this race! Yes, I was really excited before Nana showed up, but now she was here and all I wanted were some Nana snuggles.

Nana waved goodbye to me, but I was determined that I was not going to run this race. I stood up in my stroller and cried at the top of my lungs and all I saw was Nana and Mama to walk away thinking that I would settle down after the race got started. Daddy rocked me back and forth, telling me that he needed me to run with him. I did not care if Daddy needed me at this point, but I needed my Nana...I didn't get to see her on Friday and I needed to see her today. I cried and cried while Nana looked at me from across the street. Finally Mommy came squeezing through the crowd. She grabbed the stroller away from Daddy as he just shrug his shoulders. Mommy then squeezed us back through the crowd telling people that I had decided to drop out of the race, but I didn't care...I just had to find my Nana.

Finally, I reached Nana and I watched all of the runners (Daddy included) take off really really fast. I watched the entire race from the comfort and safety of Nana's arms.

About 15 minutes after the runners took off, some of them started trickling back in. We waited for Daddy, but suddenly he came running in finishing the race in 24 minutes, 40 seconds. We were all so proud of Daddy, and Daddy said that he enjoyed it, but he missed me! Look for Daddy to run more races, maybe I'll join him one day!

Getting my snack ready for the race!

Coaching Daddy on his stretching

Daddy finishes the race in 24 min. 40 sec.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lane turns 3!!

Today Addison's (and my) cousin Lane celebrated his third birthday! We were so excited to attend the BIG EVENT! Enjoy the pictures that I captured from the party!

My cousin Kim (Lane's mom) made his birthday cake!

Addie & Lane enjoying their happy meal's.

Present time! Lane, Allie & Addie help Lane open all of his gifts!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

This year we celebrated our independence day with a mixture of tradition, family, friends and fireworks!

We woke early and ventured to downtown Waynesville for the Stars & Stripes Celebration. We do this every year and we enjoy visiting the shops and ending the day with that perfect Whitman's cupcake!

Addie & her cupcake

We also learned that our little princess does not like icing... just like her Daddy! She tore the upper portion of her cupcake off and only ate the cake portion.

After our trip downtown & a nice nap we were ready for our cookout that we hosted at our house. We had several guests including our friends Aaron & Rachel; and Bruce, Amy and Summer. Addison and Summer had a blast on the new swing set and my hubby did a fantastic job on our steaks!

After dinner we went to watch the fireworks at Lake Junaluska. It was a beautiful display & Addie did great until the end!

Addie & Summer waiting for fireworks!

All in all we enjoyed our independence day with a lot of fun and the fellowship of family & friends!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm pretty sure that if you look up "bribery" in the dictionary my picture will be right beside it...
You see, for months and months now we have been trying to take Addison's ci-ci (her pacifier) away from her. We tried everything.... cutting it, hiding it, you name it we did it!
We knew that we were going to purchase a swing set for Addison. We have been looking allll summer, but we finally put our noggins together and created a plan!
We told Addie a couple of weeks ago that she would be recieving a nice new swing set as soon as she trashed her ci-ci. The first time I told her this, she got all excited about the swing, but not so much about throwing her wonderful ci-ci into the trash.

She then tried to fool us by sucking on her ci-ci only when we weren't looking, but as soon as we saw her she would exclaim "this is baby's ci-ci"....ha ha nice try Addie!

Last Thursday she was visiting her Nana and during their visit they took a walk to Nana's creek to throw rocks, leaves, grass anything that wasn't harmful into the creek. Nana began explaining to Addie that she could come over at any time and throw her ci-ci into the creek, and then she would be able to get that shiny new swing set! When we arrived home she marched straight into her room, grabbed her ci-ci and said "throw into creek". We waited and waited for Dad to come home, and as soon as he did we drove over to Nana's ci-ci in hand. She grabbed Nana by the hand, marched straight to the creek and threw it in!

A trip to Wal - Mart was then in order, Nana & Papaw said that they wanted to contribute to the swing set for Addie's birthday & she thanked them for it! She was so excited when she saw the set being packed away in Papaw's truck.

The assembly of the new swingset began around 9:15 that evening, Dad was determined to have at least the slide assembled by the time Addison woke the next morning. He sat on the porch and worked and worked until around 11 that night.

About 10 that night Addie began to wonder where here ci-ci had gone....we reminded her several times that she threw her ci-ci in the creek. After crying for about an hour she finally exhausted herself to sleep, only to wake up 2 more times by 7 that morning. Unfortunately, I had to work that Friday, so I was sleepy sleepy for the entire day.

When I arrived home i was shocked to find a large metal frame assembled on the set, turns out that Spunky is the greatest Dad! He and Addie got up early and worked on the set before he went to work at 11am.

The entire swing set was completly assembled by noon on Saturday, thanks to Nana, Papaw and Dad. Turns out the directions weren't all that great, but the screws were neatly organized in a large plastic box. So, all in all it took the Goodman family about 8 hours to assemble a swing set and to make their litle girl happy as a lark!

She sometimes still wonders where her little ci - ci went, but that is getting better with each day. Sunday was the first day that she didn't ask for it, and she's done well each night since. Turns out our little girl is no longer a baby....