Thursday, July 2, 2009


I'm pretty sure that if you look up "bribery" in the dictionary my picture will be right beside it...
You see, for months and months now we have been trying to take Addison's ci-ci (her pacifier) away from her. We tried everything.... cutting it, hiding it, you name it we did it!
We knew that we were going to purchase a swing set for Addison. We have been looking allll summer, but we finally put our noggins together and created a plan!
We told Addie a couple of weeks ago that she would be recieving a nice new swing set as soon as she trashed her ci-ci. The first time I told her this, she got all excited about the swing, but not so much about throwing her wonderful ci-ci into the trash.

She then tried to fool us by sucking on her ci-ci only when we weren't looking, but as soon as we saw her she would exclaim "this is baby's ci-ci"....ha ha nice try Addie!

Last Thursday she was visiting her Nana and during their visit they took a walk to Nana's creek to throw rocks, leaves, grass anything that wasn't harmful into the creek. Nana began explaining to Addie that she could come over at any time and throw her ci-ci into the creek, and then she would be able to get that shiny new swing set! When we arrived home she marched straight into her room, grabbed her ci-ci and said "throw into creek". We waited and waited for Dad to come home, and as soon as he did we drove over to Nana's ci-ci in hand. She grabbed Nana by the hand, marched straight to the creek and threw it in!

A trip to Wal - Mart was then in order, Nana & Papaw said that they wanted to contribute to the swing set for Addie's birthday & she thanked them for it! She was so excited when she saw the set being packed away in Papaw's truck.

The assembly of the new swingset began around 9:15 that evening, Dad was determined to have at least the slide assembled by the time Addison woke the next morning. He sat on the porch and worked and worked until around 11 that night.

About 10 that night Addie began to wonder where here ci-ci had gone....we reminded her several times that she threw her ci-ci in the creek. After crying for about an hour she finally exhausted herself to sleep, only to wake up 2 more times by 7 that morning. Unfortunately, I had to work that Friday, so I was sleepy sleepy for the entire day.

When I arrived home i was shocked to find a large metal frame assembled on the set, turns out that Spunky is the greatest Dad! He and Addie got up early and worked on the set before he went to work at 11am.

The entire swing set was completly assembled by noon on Saturday, thanks to Nana, Papaw and Dad. Turns out the directions weren't all that great, but the screws were neatly organized in a large plastic box. So, all in all it took the Goodman family about 8 hours to assemble a swing set and to make their litle girl happy as a lark!

She sometimes still wonders where her little ci - ci went, but that is getting better with each day. Sunday was the first day that she didn't ask for it, and she's done well each night since. Turns out our little girl is no longer a baby....

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