Monday, May 25, 2009


First of all, how do you like this funky green font?? Isn't it reminds me of the color of our grass nowadays with all of this rain....anyway, back to the post.

Secondly, I know that ALL of you have been dying for pictures of my cute little Addie bug, and I'll tell you the truth. After I went through all of that ordeal with purchasing a new day I went to take a picture of Addison and my little memory card told me that I wasn't allowed to take anymore pictures because it was full. Okay, no biggie I said... so I went to the new Best Buy (this was the first store that I walked in by myself in 6 weeks) and got a new one...same brand, the only difference was that it was 2 GB rather than 1GB (Bigger = Better). So, I took some shots of our newly painted pottery popped my memory card into my HP laptop computer and it would not let me download my pictures onto my blog....I tried and tried for an hour, Spunky came into the room and tried for 15 minutes. Anyway, not to worry when I figure out our problem we will have LOTS of pictures for you to look through.

I wanted to share some of our accomplishments that have occurred in the last few weeks. We are very proud of our little Addie girl because she is (basically) potty trained!!! I say basically because we still put a diaper / pull up on her at night and occasionally for nap time. She still occasionally has an accident every now and then, but she is so proud of herself!

We were in McDonalds the other day and she told me "Mamma, need to potty" so we went the speed of lightning to the bathroom, and I first told her "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" while I draped the entire bathroom top to bottom in toilet paper (where can you purchase those toilet seat covers anyway....if anyone knows please let me know) sat her on the potty and let her do her thing. Once she was done ( and we flushed about 15 times to dispose of all of that toilet paper that I draped the bathroom with) Addison litterally jumps out of the stall and we find about 10 ladies waiting to get their chance in the 2 stall bathroom and Addison exclaims so loudly that I think that the people who are in the drive through heard her "I POTTIED....YAAAAYYYYYY"!!! The entire ladies room in McDonalds erupts in a loud applause.

The second embarasment occurs at Ammons last night...we had just ate a wonderful fat filled meal when Addison exclaims again "need to go potty". So, I jumped up, but Addison couldn't simply just walk to the bathroom, she must go up to EVERY single table along the right side of the restraunt and say "Hey, going potty". I'm not kidding at all...the entire restraunt knew that Addison was going to the bathroom. I have now learned that she just goes to public restrooms to "visit". You know, see how different it is, get a chance to mingle and meet other people....

Anyway we and our wallets are so excited for her accomplishment. It is so nice not to have to go to Sam's anymore to purchase the big box of diapers that comes out around $ 41.38 every 3 weeks.

Addison's second accomplishment (& don't tell her) is that we are finally getting rid of the beloved ci-ci (her pacifier). It has taken months to do this, and she is finally only taking it at bedtime...and hopefully she won't need it for that much longer....I'll keep you posted!

I also have an accomplishment, for 6 weeks now I have been asking you to pray for my broken ankle....I went to the doctor on May 20 and the doctor said that I was doing "great"! I have been allowed to walk around the house barefoot (on both feet), and I only have to wear a small ankle brace for another month! I am walking a little stiff, but I am told that it will go away soon, I may possibly require a few visits to physical therapy, but I am doing much better!

Hopefully, pictures will be up soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun Family Night

After several weeks of ordering take out and going out consisted of playing in the yard, the Goodman family was in search of some Saturday night fun. We had thought all week about what to do with our Saturday with nothing planned. If you know us, you know that a Saturday with nothing planned rarely happens. We had thought about a day trip....Ripleys Aquarium (too much walking on a broken ankle & we are going to the aquarium at the beach in Oct.), The Cabbage Patch Factory ( too far away, afraid that Addison would not be interested).

We have always wanted to go to one of those "paint your own pottery studios", and since we figured that there wouldn't be much walking and it couldn't be too expensive...why not?? We also thought that Addison would love it. For mothers day she painted me a beautiful masterpiece complete with a hand print in the center. I have hung it up and almost every day she points to it and screams "mama paint, paint hand". So, Spunky and I were thinking that we had the next Van Gouge (sp?) on our hands we wanted to see how she created her marvelous masterpieces.....

We first sought out a studio and found one on Hendersonville Road in Asheville. The little studio is called "Claying Around" and it is located in the Harris Teeter shopping center (behind the drive - thru Starbucks). The women that work there are also really friendly and were very helpful to our little family.

When you get to the studio you must first pick your pottery. We all three decided to create a little masterpiece, so we each picked something. Addison picked a plate, Spunky picked a huge mug, and I picked a rather interesting little bowl.

Next you pick your colors and properly dress your two year old. Addison picked out her own clothes for the day which consisted of a brand new sundress and her new little brown sandals. I was convinced that we could still keep the new clothes clean, so we brought one of Dad's t-shirts and rolled up the sleeves. My plan worked and she did remain paint free.

After we handed Addison her palate of paint and her plate she went to work....she swiped colors everywhere and after two minutes (right when I sat down to start working) she exclaimed "Mama...done". I then pulled out the stamps that the staff was so nice to loan us to try and occupy her a few more minutes and she said "huh-uh.....done". I then pulled out a paint brush to paint her hand to press it on the plate (which was half covered) and she started screaming bloody murder....."AAAHHHH....MAMA......NO....NO......HAND......MESS". "NO MAMA....MESS".

If you must know, when I was a child I hated for my hands to get dirty. I remember once in 3rd grade, we were supposed to do this craft project where you paint your hands and put the imprint on a sweat shirt, and unfortunately I was unable to complete the task. My teacher stood by my desk the entire time (trash can in hand) because I continued to gag the entire time, my teacher (Mrs. Free) had to finish my sweat shirt for me. I was scared of all projects like this....even glue sticks......

After Spunky and I attempted several times to paint our daughters hand the store clerk attempted. Again, Addison yelled "NO....MESS". Addison then climbed up in my lap and helped me with my bowl. Then finally I convinced her to allow me to paint her hand. Of course it did not turn out as planned as I squeezed her little hand on her plate. I think that the only way that I convinced her was when she saw me get paint on my own hands and the fact that I didn't vomit, gag, or die.

As we finished our little projects we decided that it was time for dinner. We have had this gift card for Outback Steakhouse since Valentines Day (thanks mom & dad), and we haven't had the chance to use it because Outback is always so darn crowded (how can you wait more than 20 minutes with a busy bee 2 year old???). I called Outback and they told me that there was "no waiting" (No waiting at 6PM on a Saturday've got to be kidding me). They were right and we were pleasantly surprised as we walked in the door. We settled for a table outside because of the beautiful weather, and I love dining outside.

Dinner was wonderful....I had a delicious salad, Spunky had his usual steak, and Addison adored her happy meal from McDonald's. It was simply a glorious evening complete with a trip to the Asheville Mall so that Addison could jump on those trampolines attached with bungee cords. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture this moment on camera.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Date Night

OOhhhhh I have been looking forward to this night for months and months. Not even a broken ankle (that is healing) could keep us away.

Tonight was THE dear friend Christa (who I have known for about 7 years now) married the love of her life (Van) at The Grove Park Inn.

I first learned of the blessed event last Summer when a squeeky voiced Christa called me on a Sunday morning screaming " Keisha, I'm engaged, I'm engaged" I knew months earlier that they were destined to spend the rest of their lives and eternity together because of the look on her face when she spoke of her "Van man". Her face lit up, and it was beautiful and amazing at the same time to watch.

A few months later, I was talking to Christa over doing sealants at work ( which is a clear plastic covering that we place over mostly permanent teeth to prevent cavities). "So, Christa how's the wedding plans going?" Fine, fine she said. "Well....if you need any help with anything, please let me know." And then she started.....well, Keisha I've actually been meaning to ask you ( I was thinking that I was going to be the Matron of Honor ....ha ha) if you could like direct my wedding. At this point I'm sure that our patient was thinking uummm.....hello.....could you please just get your fingers out of my mouth and talk about this later. of course I said yes, even though I had never done something like this, especially at The Grove Park Inn.

So for months I had been planning and directing her beautiful wedding in my head, and we all know the rest of the story....April 9 I fell causing a horrible fracture to my left ankle and due to the inability to walk, I had to hand over my title. But whoever ended up doing the deed, did a wonderful FANTASTIC job.

So, this evening Spunk and I dropped Addie off at the g-parents house, and headed on over to the G. Park Inn. The wedding was absolutely beautiful! The bridesmaids wore beautiful hot pink dresses and carried a few beautiful daises. Christa wearing a traditional, but trendy white gown was absolutely gorgeous!

The wedding itself was a blast, but more importantly Spunk and I really ( & needed) a night to ourselves. We had so much fun laughing and talking with our friends that I almost forgot about my broken ankle and walker proped up against the wall.

We have been married for almost 6 years and sometimes you forget those warm and fuzzie feelings that you have when everything is fresh and new. I can honestly say that after being married this long I am so glad that he picked me. I am so proud to be his wife, and I am so thankful that GOD created this wonderful helper for me!