Saturday, October 1, 2011


Two weeks ago our family was surprised with a POSITIVE pregnancy test! Since this was a total surprise, we went to the doctor the very next day to confirm this news.

And the doctor confirmed, I was soon to be 6 weeks pregnant!

We are calling this our little miracle, since we were doing everything to prevent this from happening, but God knows what he is doing and we are ecstatic!!

Other than some mild morning sickness and the general pregnant feeling of being tired all of the time, I am doing great!

Here are some prayer requests:

1. Please pray that God will show us where we need to live after the baby is born, we love our little house, but it is only 2 bedrooms and Addie is getting crammed!

2. Please pray that we can find someone to watch the new addition while I work, it is not feasible for one of us to stay home and we both enjoy our jobs. I really don't want to place the new addition in daycare at such a young age, but will if it becomes necessary.

3. Please pray for a better job for hubs, he loves his job, but it is becoming more and more physically demanding on him.

4. Please pray for a healthy baby, pregnancy and delivery. Please also pray for Addison as she adjusts from life as an only child.

Thanks for everyone's support!