Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nothin' Like Sonic Nights...

Since I have been unmobile (is that a word??) for the past 3 weeks, I have only been getting out of the house for church, and occasionally for places that I can go and just sit in the car. I know that I could go and ride in my wonderful little wheelchair (thanks again Rachel for letting me borrow it) or hibble hobble on my walker, but it's just so darn aggervating especially when you have a busy bee 2 year old as well (we might as well use her leash and let her run and pull the wheel chair).

I for one have always loved Sonic. It started almost 6 years ago on mine and Spunky's 3rd date. You know the first 2 dates have to be soooooo romantic, and the 3rd date can be casual. You see, I'd never been to a Sonic and when wonderful hubby asked me if I wanted to go to Sonic I was as jolly as jelly beans when I said yes (and why wouldn't I love Sonic then...I could eat it all of the time if I wanted I was about 10 sizes smaller back then). Ahem....going on now.

So....since I broke my ankle we have been to Sonic twice! Once was last Friday we pulled up to the little restraunt and Addie promply says "park". She had a blast sitting on the console, and then when she figured out that all you had to do was push a bright red button and yell out the window to order, she was in heaven. She then jumps over Spunky who is in the driver seat and yells "Cheese stick , Sprite, Cream (for ice cream). She does this until our food arrives (yes, I know that people were staring). It was hilarious!! She then had a blast sitting on the console and eating her cheese sticks, gulping down a huge cup of Sprite and dancing to the Sonic music.

We returned to Sonic tonight for some dessert, and Addie loved it just as much. This broken ankle has taught us a lot of things, and one of them is family entertainment doesn't have to cost much!

P.S. Please pray for me tomorrow, I have an appointment with my orthopedist at 1:50. Please pray that I recieve some good news!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


I don't know who has been keeping up with Mckmama, but STELLAN WAS RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL TODAY!!!!!

If you think that I am crazy and you don't know what I'm talking about please check www.mycharmingkids.blogspot.com (it's the best blog EVER!!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Big Decision

As many of you know, while I was pregnant with a precious baby girl I decided to name her Addison after the popular show "Grey's Anatomy". While it was hard to convince my ever so charming husband to name her Addison, I still won when we decided that her middle name would be Kate.

Even though I won with Addison, my husband said that we would call her "Addie". The first half second of her life my husband announced "she's not Addie, we have to call her Addison". So there it was, but many times we have indeed called her "Addie", it just seems to suit her. For 2 and a half years she has been both Addison and Addie.

Friday night we were driving home from Sonic Addison in the back seat cheerfully singing along with the radio, and I asked her.... "Addison, do you like being called Addison or Addie?" She then shouted "Addie". I asked her again and I got the same response.

On Saturday while she was enjoying some grapes while watching an elmo video I asked her the same question "Addison, do you like being called Addison or Addie?" She looked at me with a really serious look and said "Addie".

There you have it..... Addison wants to be called Addie. So I guess that's what we'll do....

until she changes her mind!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something that I've Discovered...

While sitting at home in boredom I have discovered yet another thing to do online. Facebook!! Yes, I have joined with what seems like the rest of the world and I am now on Facebook! See if you can find me!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayer Requests...

Our family would like to thank everyone who has helped us out throughout the years. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. Here are some of the prayer requests that we are currently praying about:

* Please pray for baby Stellan as he has surgery on Tuesday at 8:30 am. Please visit www.mycharmingkids.blogspot.com for more information

* Addison still seems upset that I can't play with her because of my broken ankle, please pray for her understanding

* Please pray for Spunky and I as we seek direction as to which seminary he is to go to

* Please pray for patience and comfort for me as I deal with this broken ankle. I am so anxious to do the things that I used to do.

Thanks! We appreciate everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This & That...

Ever since my operation on Friday I have been trying to lay back and take it easy. It seems that every time I move my left leg, a sharp pain shoots through my body. This occurs most frequently when my leg goes from an elevated position to an unelevated position. While I was sleeping on Saturday night my leg drifted away from the 2 pillows that were holding it up and I awoke with painful purple toes....so I am trying to remain still with my leg elevated!!

While I am recovering from my ankle operation Addison got to spend some quality time outside with her Dad and Ellie.

On Sunday evening "Spunky" gave his first sermon at church. He first gave his testimony and then spoke about Jonah. He did a fantastic job and he looks forward to more opportunities to preach. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

While I am recovering from the operation

Friday, April 17, 2009


Praise GOD for a successful operation!

We arrived at the outpatient surgical center above St. Josephs hospital at about 10:30 this morning. As you all know I was terrified about this operation, so Spunky and I sat in the Rogue and read some scripture and prayed together prior to entering the building.

I put a smile of confidence on my face and I was then wheeled into the building. I chatted with the sweet receptionist and confirmed that NO ONE had ever died while having an operation in that building...EVER!!! It may sound silly, but I was terrified that I was going to die during the operation. The only operation that I had ever had was the removal of my wisdom teeth several years earlier (this one was a bit different...don't ya think)??

I was then greeted with my sweet pre op nurse who helped me get undressed and gave me a stylish hair net. They then checked my heart rate and it was an astonishing 138 beats per minute (that is not good), due to all of my anxiety. They then gave me some great anxiety meds.

The anesthesiologist then attempted 2 times to get an iv into my left arm, but was unsuccessful. The young sweet nurse tried once and was able to get it in my right arm, then I was hooked up with some fluids.

Part of the reason that I was so scared about the operation was the fact that I did not want that breathing tube down my throat for many reasons. First of all, I have seen on a couple of different occasions at work where the nurses/anesthesiologists have broken peoples teeth while inserting those things. And, we all know what a Grey's Anatomy addict that I am and the episode where the woman wakes up during surgery and attepts to take her breathing tube out still sticks in my mind.

God was watching over my fear for this as well....after the anesthesiologist looked down my throat and saw that I possibly had strep throat last week, he thought that it would be dangerous for me to have a breating tube because the bacteria from my throat could migrate to my ankle and set up shop so to speak. I was still terrifed about this because I wanted to be guaranteed that I did not remember any of this and I did not want to be awake either.

So, they then gave me what is called a spinal (like an epidural) and sedated me enough so that I would go to sleep. The good part about this is that when I woke up my ankle was still really numb so I wasn't in a great deal of pain.

I literally don't remember anything after I went to sleep, but I did get to see the O.R. (this was on my list of things that I wanted to see before I die), I even remember being lifted onto the table (even though I was terrifed at the time).

I then woke up and told my nurse that I was on an egg hunt, and she told me that she wanted to hear all about it!! He he!!

After a while my wonderful mom and hubby came in recovery and told me the news.... my fracture was a lot worse than Dr. Elder had anticipated. I had a lot of torn ligaments and tendons, he had to place a metal plate and 12 screws in my ankle!! One of the screws is really long because my ankle was so unstable he had to screw it through my outer ankle bone (the fibula) and into my "shin bone" ( the tibia). The only drawback to that is that in 2-3 months I have to return to the O.R. under some local anesthetic to have the long screw removed. I was told that this would not be a big deal, and he would just make a small incision, numb my leg of course and just unscrew it.

Again, thanks again for all of your prayers, meals, and phone calls! We love you all! Please continue to pray for all of us!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Praise HIM in the storm...

I went to my orthopedist appointment today, and frankly I was very disapointed when the dr. said that I would definately need an opeartion to repair my fractured ankle. Apparently, my ankle will not heal correctly without the operation, and without the opeartion it would greater my chances for arthritis down the road.

This still does not take away all of my fears and worries. The operation is scheduled for 11:45 am on Friday. While I am still terrified about this I know that this is all in GOD's hands and he will take care of me no matter the outcome. God knew that I was going to need this operation, and I give it all to him. This is why we will praise him through the storm. I know that many of you have said that we have been through so much...and we definately have, but GOD has blessed us so much through 2008 and 2009. We are all so thankful that we have each other, that my parents have blessed us with letting us live in their rental house, and we love our church and our church family!

The good news is, is that the doctor has said that this operation will allow me to heal faster, and I should only be out of work for 2 weeks to a month. After the operation is done, I won't even need a cast, only this little boot thing that I am wearing right now, and it feels sooo much better than the splint thing that was placed in the e.r.

Again, we covet your prayers and support. Thanks for all that everyone has done for us already!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Best of It....

Ok we all know that being down with this broken ankle totally stinks, but I've learned to make the best of it.... here are the greatest things about having a broken ankle!

10. Being home by yourself for a few hours a day

9. Having people wait on you while they are home (no I'm NOT lazy)

8. I don't have to dry my hair, don't have to put make up on, and I've wore sweats since last Thurs.

7. I can watch what I want to watch on tv (because my hubby feels sorry for me)

6. My mom has taken off half a day for the past 2 days to spend time with me and Addie (quality girl time)

5. Addie will let me hold her more (maybe she feels sorry for me too)

4. I can blog/ spend time on my computer all day if I want

3. Nap time (hey i need to get better)

2. NO CHORES ( the only chore that I can do is fold clothes)

1. People cook for you when you're sick....last night this lady from church cooked for us and tonight my nanny is making her famous chicken and dumplings yum!! I hear that there are more meals to come throughout the week.

I know that this won't last forever, and believe me I am ready to go back to the "real world" but I am going to take advantage of it while it lasts.

Broken Ankle Update....

For all who were wondering I go to see the orthopedist tomorrow to discuss treatment options for my ankle. Please pray for a good outcome!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I didn't think that I was in the mood to do o
ne of these today, but I am so bored I thought why not???

As you all know I am at home with a broken left ankle, so this week's Not Me Monday! is based upon this new experience that I am going through!

While being unmobile I am NOT scared of going down stairs with my crutches! When it is required that I do go down stairs I DO NOT put my crutches to the side, grab ahold of my hubby and we DO NOT hop down together!

I DID NOT almost fall flat on my face while entering church on Sunday morning and NO ONE saw!

Also while being at home I HAVE NOT become completely obsessed with The Duggars (you know, that family on TLC that has 18 kids) even watching their webisodes and clicking on everything on their website! NOT ME!

That's it for this week, please pray that my ankle will heal quickly!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!! Did you know that 21 years ago my husband asked Jesus to be his personal Lord and savior on Easter??? Well, I don't know if you recall, but several days ago I asked you to please pray for my husband because BIG things were happening in his life....today I can reveal those BIG plans. Today, my wonderful husband got up in front of our church and announced that GOD has called him to be a PASTOR!!!! We are so excited/nervous/scared....fill in the blank there! And along with that....he will be preaching his first sermon on 4/19 at the 6PM service (and you can ALL come).

So where do we go from here??? We are curently seeking GOD's direction as to where he wants to lead us. We are also seeking GOD's direction as to which seminary he needs to go to.

On other fronts today was a rough day for all of us. Saturday night was a difficult night, Addie didn't sleep well (waking up 3-4 times), I could not get comfy because my ankle was hurting, and therefore with all of my tossing and turning my wonderful husband could not sleep well. That lead to a very irritable 2 year old on Easter Sunday!! We were 15 minutes late for church (but I think that we had a good excuse) and I almost fell on my face while walking up the ramp into church (thank goodness for that window sill that I hung onto).

After church we went to mom's for a delicious lunch of ham, and all of the Easter fixin's. We attempted many times to take pictures of Addie in here beautiful pink Easter dress, but she ran away each time. That's a 2 year old for ya!

The Easter bunny did come to see her (at our house and at nana and papaw's). The Easter Bunny that came to our house brought her a Dora purse, some jellybeans, and a Barbie with 2 puppies. The Easter Bunny that came to Nana and Papaw's brought her a bowling set (she likes to set the pins up and knock them down with her arm rather than with the ball), books, and a sing along video.

We pray that you all had a blessed Easter and continue to ask for your prayers as we battle this broken ankle and as my hubby prepares his first sermon! God Bless!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs!

We're not letting this broken ankle keep us down! Tonight, we decided to dye our Easter Eggs. This was the first egg dying for Addison (and my hubby who thought that the coloring was applied by painting the eggs). See how beautiful they turned out!

Happy Birthday Cooper!

One year ago was a very special day for our family! My wonderful nephew Cooper was welcomed into the world! Today we celebrated his first birthday at our church fellowship hall. Many who loved him came to the event (even me because my good friend Rachel and Cooper's soon to be other aunt hooked me up with a wheel chair so that I didn't have to use my crutches for the entire time at the party).

The party was a blast! There was bbq, cake and even an egg hunt for the little one's. Cooper recieved lots of neat gifts including a red car from his Uncle Spunk, Aunt Keish, and Addie!

Happy Birthday Cooper! We hope that your mom won't kill us for giving you that huge red car! Love you lots!

Look What My Daddy Can Do!

As many of you know my mommy has a broken ankle. As for now, my daddy is required to cut the crust off of my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, listen to mommy as to which clothes I need to wear that day and dress me in them, and he even pained my fingernails and toenails! See! He did such a great job, they are sooooo pretty! Thanks Dad! Love, Addie

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Day!

Okay, so on Thursday I went to work late because I was feeling bad again....(not as bad as I was gonna feel later in the day) I felt like I was sick, I had sick time available so why not use it??

I went throughout the day without much problem at all. I was my usual hard working self. It was 5:15....time to go home I was looking forward to a relaxing long weekend with my family. I was even thinking of surprising them with a little weekend getaway!

I was walking out to my car ( to do this you have to walk down a small bank) and I tripped over a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground my friend that was walking with me came over and tried to help me up, but I couldn't get up! She ran into the building to get one of the dentists to help me and to look at my ankle that was hurting badly. While she was gone I managed to pull myself up because there was a bee swarming around me, but I still could not walk or put any pressure on my left leg.

Many people came out of the building and tried to wobble me into the building, but it was just too painful! Finally, the went into the building and got one of the dentists chairs that had wheels on it and wheeled me up Short Cox Road and into the building. By the time I reached the lobby of my office my ankle was so swollen and it hurt to take my New Balance sneaker off. One of the doctors tried to take my pulse, but couldn't feel it because of all of the swelling! They finally called my mom (we couldn't reach Spunk on his cell) and my Dad was heading over with Spunky to care for me while she took care of Addie. In the mean time my wonderful co workers iced my ankle down, gave me some meds and kept me company.

When Spunk arrived we rushed straight to Mission hospital, grabbed a wheel chair and started the lllooooonnnnngggg wait in the e.r. When we enterd the e.r. I kindly asked the receptionist "so, do you think that it is broken??" She smiled at me sweetly and said "honey, if it isn't I'd be surprised" looking at the huge "goose egg" that had formed on my left ankle and I thought to myself "what does she know, she types on a computer and hands people plastic hospital bracelets all day."

I was then taken to "guy that was a little less hotter than my wonderful husband" who was funny and took my temperature, bp, and I asked him the same question and he said "maybe just a bad sprain" and I thought, that's more like it because "see I can still wiggle my toes and I can kind of move my ankle (just not to the left where all of that swelling is, and that will go down in a day or two).

I was then rushed to Mission Hospitals radiology department when I met "young girl with a nose ring" I asked her what happend and she responded " my brother got mad at me and ran over my foot" she then said "it must not be a good day for New Balance sneakers" as we had on the same shoes in a different color. We chatted about how this hurt worse than labor pains and I wished her good luck as she was wheeled in to radiology.

" Next....Mrs. Goodman" oh crap I thought....my turn I knew that this was going to hurt like crazy and I've even had a baby (which in my mind is supposed to be the worst pain ever imaginable). So, the not so nice x-ray lady has a blast turning my foot in 3 weird positions and taking pictures of it I let her know that it hurt by screaming every time she went away to snap the picture. After all of that I asked her "so... do you think that it is broken??" and she responded the same as the "cute temperature guy" "maybe just a bad sprain" and I thought to myself " see....that receptionist lady is an idiot."

I was then carefully wheeled back into my e.r. room when I got my first and only hospital visitor....Uncle Butch. You see, he's not my REAL uncle just a wonderful friend of the family who runs each time ( and there have been many times) that a memeber of the Gooodman family is in the hospital. He tried to joke around with me and make me feel better, but in all honestly I was just glad that he was there. He's such a great guy...each time Spunky went to surgery he takes me out for breakfast and prays with me while he is in the o.r.

We waited for the dreaded diagnosis.... and then a nice little perky e.r. doc walks into my room and asks me all kinds of questions and then cheerfuly says "your ankle is fractured right there" pressing on the part that is so swollen. At that point I wanted to kick her really bad. She then explained to me that they were going to put me in what is so called a "splint"

I them meet "girl with the really cute hair cut" who then pulls out all kinds of plaster stuff and ace bandages and I kindly ask "excuse me, but can I have a pink cast to match my toenail polish" she told me that I wasn't going to have a cast, but just a splint. I didn't exactly understand because a splint to me didn't require plaster; just sticks and stuff that I would promply remove when I got home because I didn't have a broken ankle because I could still move it! Then the girl with the cute hair moves my ankle, I scream again to let her know that she has crossed over to the dark side. She then gets Spunky to help her move my ankle as I glare at him and think "you had better be glad that I gave you one daughter, because that's probably all you're gonna get after this." After a couple of minutes of pulling and tugging I kindly say "if this is going to continue may I please get some pain medicine. " She leaves the room and says "ma'am the doctors doing another examination, and she forgot to order your pain meds, but as soon as she gets done we will ask for some." I then said "oh,well it's okay...I haven't eaten in a while and I don't want to add nausea to all of this insainty" she said okay and she and my once wonderful hubby again pull, tug, and wrap my leg in 13,000 pounds of plaster (not really, but it sure feels like it). Once she is done she tells me "wow, you're really tough because everyone gets pain meds for this" I thought to myself "well, please give me a new Coach purse as my reward."

The next step on this wonderful journey was the ride home. I still had only had one motrin (which they gave me after my cast/ ugly splint was placed), and that hurt like crazy!!! I never knew there were so many bumps in the road between Asheville and Waynesville and my left ankle felt every last one of them. I propped my leg up with some ugly blankets that they gave me at work and my new green Gap sweatshirt. Uncle Butch prayed for us and sent us on our way home. Luckily, CVS was still open once we got to Waynesville and we got my wonderful pain meds, ate at McDonalds and headed home.

I slept okay throughout the night ( I think that it was the medicine) and I am learning how to use crutches! The hardest part is stairs we only have 3 small ones when you enter the house, but I almost fell going up them. Addison has yet to see me, because she was already asleep by the time we got back to the e.r. and mom wanted to keep her for most of the day today while I get adjusted to all of this.

Please pray for us as we go throughout this battle!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Stinks To Be Sick

First of all I would like to say that there are absolutely NO pictures with this post....this is for your benefit because you WOULD NOT want to see me right now.

On Monday evening I came home with just a scratchy throat...I have severe allergies so I took some Claritin and knew that I would better the next morning. WRONG!

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling a lot worse, but I still drug myself into work, took some ibuprofen and Claritin and hoped that I would feel better as the day went on. WRONG AGAIN!!
I had a fever by the time I went to bed, so I again took more meds and headed off to bed.

On Wednesday morning I woke up found it was really hard and painful to swallow, I debated on going to work or just staying home, but the trooper I am,I went in. I continued to feel horrible throughout the day but finally after some much needed rest ( I went straight to bed with a fever as soon as I walked into the door) I feel much better. Was is strep throat?? Was it allergies? Who knows because I HATE going to the doctor with a passion.

I know one thing....I hate being sick! I hate not being able to snuggle with my beautiful toddlerin fear of infesting her with my sickness, I hate being energiless (is that a word??) but I know that I WILL feel better! Or at least I better, because our entire family is off together on Friday and even though I don't know what we are going to do yet....we will find something fun to do!!

P.S. Please pray for my husband...BIG things are happening in his life....I will share more later!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

I DID NOT dress my daughter in a Carolina Tarheels shirt to go to school today! NOT ME! Our family is die hard Clemson fans and my husband would have a stroke if Addison wore a Carolina shirt!

Even though I am still dieting I DID NOT gain half a pound last week, and today I DID NOT sneak into the break room and inhale a Snickers bar, I also DID NOT stop at Burger King on Friday morning and grab a greasy biscuit for breakfast, this DID NOT result in me being 5 minutes late for work! Oops!

As you read this please continue to keep baby Stellan in your prayers! He and his family are making some big decisions regarding his new treatment for his heart condition. Please visit Mckmama's blog at http://www.mycharmingkids.blogspot.com/ to encourage her!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Addison & The Easter Extravaganza

What a wonderful Spring day it was!! First of all we are really thankful that GOD has blessed us so much this year. This time last year we were still struggling in all aspects of our life. Spunky was especially miserable this time last year, he was in a job that he didn't enjoy, he was continuing to ache day in and day out from his elbow and shoulder injuries. This year, we have been truly blessed so far. We all feel that we are closer to GOD and closer to each other. Spunky is doing really well physically and emotionally and he is really enjoying his job at HCC.

Today was a really fun day! As you can see we FINALLY got a new camera, and we used it to take LOTS of cute pictures today. Since the easter egg hunt at our church was cancelled we decided to take Addison to an egg hunt that I had been hearing about all week at work. Asheville Parks & Rec department sponsored a huge Easter Extravaganza at a park in Asheville and Addison had a blast!

Here she is gathering her Easter eggs and showing off her eggs for the camera!

Next we decided to pay a visit to the Easter Bunny. Prior to the visit I explained to her that the Easter Bunny was Santa's good friend and that he would come for a visit next week while she was asleep and hopefully he would leave some goodies for her. I told her that she needed to tell the Easter Bunny what kind of candy she wanted. She responded with a simple "kay" (she never says o-kay, just "kay").

Well all of that talking did not mean anything when it was our turn to visit the big white bunny. I should have known that it was going to be bad when her wimpers grew louder with each step we took toward the big bunny. First I tried to start a friendly conversation with the bunny, but he only responded with hand movements. Addison got totally freaked out and tried to run away. I still wanted my picture with her and the Easter Bunny, even if I had to be in it as well, so I grabbed her and we knelt beside the Easter Bunny. The picture was snapped and we kindly asked him if he would at least still bring us some jelly beans.

After all of the easter fun, we decided to go see Memaw in Hendersonville. Addison helped Memaw feed her birds and she loved it!

Yes, we were very tired after our busy day, but we had a blast hanging out as a family! Like they say "they're only young once"!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

It has been so good having my husband home this week. Absence definately makes the heart grow fonder.

We still haven't gotten around to purchasing a new camera...soon though soon!

All in all, it has been a good week! We've been cooking at home (for the most part), getting home at 6ish, doing housework and spending time with each other!

I don't know how many of you keep up with Baby Jonah and his family, but baby Jonah got to come home on Monday!!! As far as Mckmama....it seems that baby Stellan is getting better and for now they are trying to stabilize his medication so hopefully he will continue to get better and get to come home sometime soon!

Hopefully we will get a camera and get pictures up soon! Have a great rest of the week!!