Saturday, April 4, 2009

Addison & The Easter Extravaganza

What a wonderful Spring day it was!! First of all we are really thankful that GOD has blessed us so much this year. This time last year we were still struggling in all aspects of our life. Spunky was especially miserable this time last year, he was in a job that he didn't enjoy, he was continuing to ache day in and day out from his elbow and shoulder injuries. This year, we have been truly blessed so far. We all feel that we are closer to GOD and closer to each other. Spunky is doing really well physically and emotionally and he is really enjoying his job at HCC.

Today was a really fun day! As you can see we FINALLY got a new camera, and we used it to take LOTS of cute pictures today. Since the easter egg hunt at our church was cancelled we decided to take Addison to an egg hunt that I had been hearing about all week at work. Asheville Parks & Rec department sponsored a huge Easter Extravaganza at a park in Asheville and Addison had a blast!

Here she is gathering her Easter eggs and showing off her eggs for the camera!

Next we decided to pay a visit to the Easter Bunny. Prior to the visit I explained to her that the Easter Bunny was Santa's good friend and that he would come for a visit next week while she was asleep and hopefully he would leave some goodies for her. I told her that she needed to tell the Easter Bunny what kind of candy she wanted. She responded with a simple "kay" (she never says o-kay, just "kay").

Well all of that talking did not mean anything when it was our turn to visit the big white bunny. I should have known that it was going to be bad when her wimpers grew louder with each step we took toward the big bunny. First I tried to start a friendly conversation with the bunny, but he only responded with hand movements. Addison got totally freaked out and tried to run away. I still wanted my picture with her and the Easter Bunny, even if I had to be in it as well, so I grabbed her and we knelt beside the Easter Bunny. The picture was snapped and we kindly asked him if he would at least still bring us some jelly beans.

After all of the easter fun, we decided to go see Memaw in Hendersonville. Addison helped Memaw feed her birds and she loved it!

Yes, we were very tired after our busy day, but we had a blast hanging out as a family! Like they say "they're only young once"!

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