Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Praise HIM in the storm...

I went to my orthopedist appointment today, and frankly I was very disapointed when the dr. said that I would definately need an opeartion to repair my fractured ankle. Apparently, my ankle will not heal correctly without the operation, and without the opeartion it would greater my chances for arthritis down the road.

This still does not take away all of my fears and worries. The operation is scheduled for 11:45 am on Friday. While I am still terrified about this I know that this is all in GOD's hands and he will take care of me no matter the outcome. God knew that I was going to need this operation, and I give it all to him. This is why we will praise him through the storm. I know that many of you have said that we have been through so much...and we definately have, but GOD has blessed us so much through 2008 and 2009. We are all so thankful that we have each other, that my parents have blessed us with letting us live in their rental house, and we love our church and our church family!

The good news is, is that the doctor has said that this operation will allow me to heal faster, and I should only be out of work for 2 weeks to a month. After the operation is done, I won't even need a cast, only this little boot thing that I am wearing right now, and it feels sooo much better than the splint thing that was placed in the e.r.

Again, we covet your prayers and support. Thanks for all that everyone has done for us already!

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