Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I didn't think that I was in the mood to do o
ne of these today, but I am so bored I thought why not???

As you all know I am at home with a broken left ankle, so this week's Not Me Monday! is based upon this new experience that I am going through!

While being unmobile I am NOT scared of going down stairs with my crutches! When it is required that I do go down stairs I DO NOT put my crutches to the side, grab ahold of my hubby and we DO NOT hop down together!

I DID NOT almost fall flat on my face while entering church on Sunday morning and NO ONE saw!

Also while being at home I HAVE NOT become completely obsessed with The Duggars (you know, that family on TLC that has 18 kids) even watching their webisodes and clicking on everything on their website! NOT ME!

That's it for this week, please pray that my ankle will heal quickly!

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