Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Stinks To Be Sick

First of all I would like to say that there are absolutely NO pictures with this post....this is for your benefit because you WOULD NOT want to see me right now.

On Monday evening I came home with just a scratchy throat...I have severe allergies so I took some Claritin and knew that I would better the next morning. WRONG!

I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling a lot worse, but I still drug myself into work, took some ibuprofen and Claritin and hoped that I would feel better as the day went on. WRONG AGAIN!!
I had a fever by the time I went to bed, so I again took more meds and headed off to bed.

On Wednesday morning I woke up found it was really hard and painful to swallow, I debated on going to work or just staying home, but the trooper I am,I went in. I continued to feel horrible throughout the day but finally after some much needed rest ( I went straight to bed with a fever as soon as I walked into the door) I feel much better. Was is strep throat?? Was it allergies? Who knows because I HATE going to the doctor with a passion.

I know one thing....I hate being sick! I hate not being able to snuggle with my beautiful toddlerin fear of infesting her with my sickness, I hate being energiless (is that a word??) but I know that I WILL feel better! Or at least I better, because our entire family is off together on Friday and even though I don't know what we are going to do yet....we will find something fun to do!!

P.S. Please pray for my husband...BIG things are happening in his life....I will share more later!

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