Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Big Decision

As many of you know, while I was pregnant with a precious baby girl I decided to name her Addison after the popular show "Grey's Anatomy". While it was hard to convince my ever so charming husband to name her Addison, I still won when we decided that her middle name would be Kate.

Even though I won with Addison, my husband said that we would call her "Addie". The first half second of her life my husband announced "she's not Addie, we have to call her Addison". So there it was, but many times we have indeed called her "Addie", it just seems to suit her. For 2 and a half years she has been both Addison and Addie.

Friday night we were driving home from Sonic Addison in the back seat cheerfully singing along with the radio, and I asked her.... "Addison, do you like being called Addison or Addie?" She then shouted "Addie". I asked her again and I got the same response.

On Saturday while she was enjoying some grapes while watching an elmo video I asked her the same question "Addison, do you like being called Addison or Addie?" She looked at me with a really serious look and said "Addie".

There you have it..... Addison wants to be called Addie. So I guess that's what we'll do....

until she changes her mind!

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