Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!! Did you know that 21 years ago my husband asked Jesus to be his personal Lord and savior on Easter??? Well, I don't know if you recall, but several days ago I asked you to please pray for my husband because BIG things were happening in his I can reveal those BIG plans. Today, my wonderful husband got up in front of our church and announced that GOD has called him to be a PASTOR!!!! We are so excited/nervous/scared....fill in the blank there! And along with that....he will be preaching his first sermon on 4/19 at the 6PM service (and you can ALL come).

So where do we go from here??? We are curently seeking GOD's direction as to where he wants to lead us. We are also seeking GOD's direction as to which seminary he needs to go to.

On other fronts today was a rough day for all of us. Saturday night was a difficult night, Addie didn't sleep well (waking up 3-4 times), I could not get comfy because my ankle was hurting, and therefore with all of my tossing and turning my wonderful husband could not sleep well. That lead to a very irritable 2 year old on Easter Sunday!! We were 15 minutes late for church (but I think that we had a good excuse) and I almost fell on my face while walking up the ramp into church (thank goodness for that window sill that I hung onto).

After church we went to mom's for a delicious lunch of ham, and all of the Easter fixin's. We attempted many times to take pictures of Addie in here beautiful pink Easter dress, but she ran away each time. That's a 2 year old for ya!

The Easter bunny did come to see her (at our house and at nana and papaw's). The Easter Bunny that came to our house brought her a Dora purse, some jellybeans, and a Barbie with 2 puppies. The Easter Bunny that came to Nana and Papaw's brought her a bowling set (she likes to set the pins up and knock them down with her arm rather than with the ball), books, and a sing along video.

We pray that you all had a blessed Easter and continue to ask for your prayers as we battle this broken ankle and as my hubby prepares his first sermon! God Bless!

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