Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Day In The Life of Addison...

7 Am - Wake Up
7:17 Am - Cartoons & toast with Daddy
9:03 Am - Arrive at baby sitters
12:11 PM - Lunch
1:02 PM - Nap Time
4:17 PM - Pick up from baby sitter (by Nana)
6:15 PM - ballet class
7:16 PM - dinner
8 : 32 PM - bath
8:47 PM - kick back in the recliner with warm PJ's, fruit gummies, my blank & Dora pillow......
Ahhh! This is The Life!!

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The Longest...

icecicles I've ever seen...

It's amazing to me that these icecicles have grown over the past month over our front porch. At night after everyone goes to bed I find myself looking out our front window staring at them. I think that they're beautiful, don't you??

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

As you read in the previous post, Spunky & I celebrated Valentines Day while Addison was away at Aunt Christal's.

So, we celebrated Valentines Day on Saturday by going out to eat to Nick - N - Nates with Addison (we let her pick where she wanted to eat). On Sunday our church services were canceled due to the snow on Friday & Saturday, so we extended our Valentines Day celebrations.

I woke up to a cooked breakfast by my wonderful husband, eggs, muffins & strawberries. It was really really good! I think that he was going to bring it to me in bed, but I got up before he brought it to me (oops!).

We then gave Addison her Valentines Day gift, a hippity hop! She loved it and she has bounced around the house ever since.

I also made some special Valentines Day treats for my little family. I first made strawberries dipped in chocolate, and then I made some cupcakes complete with chocolate icing & sprinkles!

All around, we had a fantastic day! Josh & I don't typically buy Valentines Day gifts for each other (we did when we were dating), we normally just go out. He often buys me flowers throughout the year, but on Valentines Day we normally just enjoy each others company over a romantic dinner & maybe a movie since we don't get to do either of those things very often!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Date Night!

Addison sure was a lucky little girl this week! Last Saturday Aunt Christal (or To-to as she calls her, and we're not sure why) invited her down to Winston - Salem to spend the night & experience her first Ringling Brothers circus! After much thought & prayer her Dad and I let her go, but we missed her a lot while she was gone! From what I can tell, she had a great time, but she did tell me that she was scared of the tigers at the circus, but Loved the acrobats! She even slept really well at Aunt To - to and Uncle Sha's (no, that's not a typo...she calls him Sha).

While she was away, her Dad & I went on a much needed date. We first went and had dinner at The Apollo Flame (where we had our first date) and then we went and saw the movie "Dear John". We had a fantastic time together, and yes we talked about our little one the entire time over dinner.

If you are wondering "Dear John" is a great movie! I have read the book & I still agree that the book is better, but I still really enjoyed the movie.

On Saturday we plan on doing some Valentines Day activities as a family, as we are so happy to have our little girl back home!