Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Christmas Card?

As I mentioned in my last post, it is almost impossible to get a decent picture of Addison. One thing that I love to do is send out a yearly Christmas card. I love getting adorable Christmas cards of my friends and their children. My friend, Lauren always sends out the cutest cards. I always look forward to getting her card and cards from others. My sister always sends a Christmas card with an informative letter with all that their family did throughout the year, including where they vacationed and what they were involved in.

So, this year I am trying to get a jump on it. In early November I started calling portrait studios and I was a little surprised that many of the studios charge $1 per Christmas card. I sometimes send out more than 100 Christmas cards, so doing a nice picture at a portrait studio would be quite expensive.

My sister in law, Jennifer took a photography class in college and she has also taken pictures at many weddings, so when I asked her to take a nice family photo of us, she jumped on it. We took these pictures at my mother in law's neighborhood, in a grassy area beside the pool. Which picture do you like best?




So, which one? Take your pick!

Until Next Time!

Keisha :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Goodman Thanksgiving!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Josh's side of the family. It was so fun to see Addison with her older cousins, Anna & Will. We don't get to see them much because they live several hours away, but we cherish each time that we do get to see them! This year, we had ham (cooked by my wonderful hubs), I made my mom's Sweet Potato Casserole (sooo yummy! ) and I didn't screw it up! Yahoo!!

Hubs with his mom & sister

Addison with her cousins, Anna & Will and Memaw! It is so hard to get Addison to take a decent picture, and I don't understand why she won't just look at the camera for a few seconds and smile!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get her to take a good picture?

After our Thanksgiving dinner, we drove to my sisters house so that we could do some black Friday shopping! It is a tradition that my mom and sister do each and every year. Hubs was nice enough to keep Addison and my nephew, Cooper so that we could shop all day long! He was a little nervous about keeping both of them all day, but he did a great job and both kiddos had a blast. As for shopping, we had a lot of fun. We were at Target at 4:30 on Friday morning and we shopped until 4:30 in the afternoon. I loved that everything in Gap was half off until noon, I got a lot for Addison and my mom even let me go through the store and pick out my own Christmas gifts for myself! Loved that!

Does anyone else do black Friday shopping? What was your black Friday experience like?

Until Next Time!

Keisha :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Turkey Program

On Tuesday of last week, we were invited to lunch and a program at Addison's pre - school.

The children made the center pieces, butter & napkin rings!

We heard some lovely little songs about pilgrims, turkeys and all things Thanksgiving! And then Josh went to work and Addie and I went home to spend some quality time together while Mommy had the day off of work!

But not before Addison said goodbye to one of her favorite teachers, Mrs. Joy!!

Don't you just love Addison's face in this picture? Too cute!

Until Next Time!

Keisha :)