Friday, April 10, 2009

Bad Day!

Okay, so on Thursday I went to work late because I was feeling bad again....(not as bad as I was gonna feel later in the day) I felt like I was sick, I had sick time available so why not use it??

I went throughout the day without much problem at all. I was my usual hard working self. It was 5:15....time to go home I was looking forward to a relaxing long weekend with my family. I was even thinking of surprising them with a little weekend getaway!

I was walking out to my car ( to do this you have to walk down a small bank) and I tripped over a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground my friend that was walking with me came over and tried to help me up, but I couldn't get up! She ran into the building to get one of the dentists to help me and to look at my ankle that was hurting badly. While she was gone I managed to pull myself up because there was a bee swarming around me, but I still could not walk or put any pressure on my left leg.

Many people came out of the building and tried to wobble me into the building, but it was just too painful! Finally, the went into the building and got one of the dentists chairs that had wheels on it and wheeled me up Short Cox Road and into the building. By the time I reached the lobby of my office my ankle was so swollen and it hurt to take my New Balance sneaker off. One of the doctors tried to take my pulse, but couldn't feel it because of all of the swelling! They finally called my mom (we couldn't reach Spunk on his cell) and my Dad was heading over with Spunky to care for me while she took care of Addie. In the mean time my wonderful co workers iced my ankle down, gave me some meds and kept me company.

When Spunk arrived we rushed straight to Mission hospital, grabbed a wheel chair and started the lllooooonnnnngggg wait in the e.r. When we enterd the e.r. I kindly asked the receptionist "so, do you think that it is broken??" She smiled at me sweetly and said "honey, if it isn't I'd be surprised" looking at the huge "goose egg" that had formed on my left ankle and I thought to myself "what does she know, she types on a computer and hands people plastic hospital bracelets all day."

I was then taken to "guy that was a little less hotter than my wonderful husband" who was funny and took my temperature, bp, and I asked him the same question and he said "maybe just a bad sprain" and I thought, that's more like it because "see I can still wiggle my toes and I can kind of move my ankle (just not to the left where all of that swelling is, and that will go down in a day or two).

I was then rushed to Mission Hospitals radiology department when I met "young girl with a nose ring" I asked her what happend and she responded " my brother got mad at me and ran over my foot" she then said "it must not be a good day for New Balance sneakers" as we had on the same shoes in a different color. We chatted about how this hurt worse than labor pains and I wished her good luck as she was wheeled in to radiology.

" Next....Mrs. Goodman" oh crap I turn I knew that this was going to hurt like crazy and I've even had a baby (which in my mind is supposed to be the worst pain ever imaginable). So, the not so nice x-ray lady has a blast turning my foot in 3 weird positions and taking pictures of it I let her know that it hurt by screaming every time she went away to snap the picture. After all of that I asked her "so... do you think that it is broken??" and she responded the same as the "cute temperature guy" "maybe just a bad sprain" and I thought to myself " see....that receptionist lady is an idiot."

I was then carefully wheeled back into my e.r. room when I got my first and only hospital visitor....Uncle Butch. You see, he's not my REAL uncle just a wonderful friend of the family who runs each time ( and there have been many times) that a memeber of the Gooodman family is in the hospital. He tried to joke around with me and make me feel better, but in all honestly I was just glad that he was there. He's such a great guy...each time Spunky went to surgery he takes me out for breakfast and prays with me while he is in the o.r.

We waited for the dreaded diagnosis.... and then a nice little perky e.r. doc walks into my room and asks me all kinds of questions and then cheerfuly says "your ankle is fractured right there" pressing on the part that is so swollen. At that point I wanted to kick her really bad. She then explained to me that they were going to put me in what is so called a "splint"

I them meet "girl with the really cute hair cut" who then pulls out all kinds of plaster stuff and ace bandages and I kindly ask "excuse me, but can I have a pink cast to match my toenail polish" she told me that I wasn't going to have a cast, but just a splint. I didn't exactly understand because a splint to me didn't require plaster; just sticks and stuff that I would promply remove when I got home because I didn't have a broken ankle because I could still move it! Then the girl with the cute hair moves my ankle, I scream again to let her know that she has crossed over to the dark side. She then gets Spunky to help her move my ankle as I glare at him and think "you had better be glad that I gave you one daughter, because that's probably all you're gonna get after this." After a couple of minutes of pulling and tugging I kindly say "if this is going to continue may I please get some pain medicine. " She leaves the room and says "ma'am the doctors doing another examination, and she forgot to order your pain meds, but as soon as she gets done we will ask for some." I then said "oh,well it's okay...I haven't eaten in a while and I don't want to add nausea to all of this insainty" she said okay and she and my once wonderful hubby again pull, tug, and wrap my leg in 13,000 pounds of plaster (not really, but it sure feels like it). Once she is done she tells me "wow, you're really tough because everyone gets pain meds for this" I thought to myself "well, please give me a new Coach purse as my reward."

The next step on this wonderful journey was the ride home. I still had only had one motrin (which they gave me after my cast/ ugly splint was placed), and that hurt like crazy!!! I never knew there were so many bumps in the road between Asheville and Waynesville and my left ankle felt every last one of them. I propped my leg up with some ugly blankets that they gave me at work and my new green Gap sweatshirt. Uncle Butch prayed for us and sent us on our way home. Luckily, CVS was still open once we got to Waynesville and we got my wonderful pain meds, ate at McDonalds and headed home.

I slept okay throughout the night ( I think that it was the medicine) and I am learning how to use crutches! The hardest part is stairs we only have 3 small ones when you enter the house, but I almost fell going up them. Addison has yet to see me, because she was already asleep by the time we got back to the e.r. and mom wanted to keep her for most of the day today while I get adjusted to all of this.

Please pray for us as we go throughout this battle!

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  1. Keisha, I am so sorry to hear of your dilemma! I am sure it hurts like crazy...and I know hospital trips are zero fun! I hope that you feel better soon and I will pray for a quick recovery. Let me know if you need anything!