Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Best of It....

Ok we all know that being down with this broken ankle totally stinks, but I've learned to make the best of it.... here are the greatest things about having a broken ankle!

10. Being home by yourself for a few hours a day

9. Having people wait on you while they are home (no I'm NOT lazy)

8. I don't have to dry my hair, don't have to put make up on, and I've wore sweats since last Thurs.

7. I can watch what I want to watch on tv (because my hubby feels sorry for me)

6. My mom has taken off half a day for the past 2 days to spend time with me and Addie (quality girl time)

5. Addie will let me hold her more (maybe she feels sorry for me too)

4. I can blog/ spend time on my computer all day if I want

3. Nap time (hey i need to get better)

2. NO CHORES ( the only chore that I can do is fold clothes)

1. People cook for you when you're sick....last night this lady from church cooked for us and tonight my nanny is making her famous chicken and dumplings yum!! I hear that there are more meals to come throughout the week.

I know that this won't last forever, and believe me I am ready to go back to the "real world" but I am going to take advantage of it while it lasts.

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