Sunday, April 19, 2009

This & That...

Ever since my operation on Friday I have been trying to lay back and take it easy. It seems that every time I move my left leg, a sharp pain shoots through my body. This occurs most frequently when my leg goes from an elevated position to an unelevated position. While I was sleeping on Saturday night my leg drifted away from the 2 pillows that were holding it up and I awoke with painful purple I am trying to remain still with my leg elevated!!

While I am recovering from my ankle operation Addison got to spend some quality time outside with her Dad and Ellie.

On Sunday evening "Spunky" gave his first sermon at church. He first gave his testimony and then spoke about Jonah. He did a fantastic job and he looks forward to more opportunities to preach. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

While I am recovering from the operation

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