Monday, May 25, 2009


First of all, how do you like this funky green font?? Isn't it reminds me of the color of our grass nowadays with all of this rain....anyway, back to the post.

Secondly, I know that ALL of you have been dying for pictures of my cute little Addie bug, and I'll tell you the truth. After I went through all of that ordeal with purchasing a new day I went to take a picture of Addison and my little memory card told me that I wasn't allowed to take anymore pictures because it was full. Okay, no biggie I said... so I went to the new Best Buy (this was the first store that I walked in by myself in 6 weeks) and got a new one...same brand, the only difference was that it was 2 GB rather than 1GB (Bigger = Better). So, I took some shots of our newly painted pottery popped my memory card into my HP laptop computer and it would not let me download my pictures onto my blog....I tried and tried for an hour, Spunky came into the room and tried for 15 minutes. Anyway, not to worry when I figure out our problem we will have LOTS of pictures for you to look through.

I wanted to share some of our accomplishments that have occurred in the last few weeks. We are very proud of our little Addie girl because she is (basically) potty trained!!! I say basically because we still put a diaper / pull up on her at night and occasionally for nap time. She still occasionally has an accident every now and then, but she is so proud of herself!

We were in McDonalds the other day and she told me "Mamma, need to potty" so we went the speed of lightning to the bathroom, and I first told her "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" while I draped the entire bathroom top to bottom in toilet paper (where can you purchase those toilet seat covers anyway....if anyone knows please let me know) sat her on the potty and let her do her thing. Once she was done ( and we flushed about 15 times to dispose of all of that toilet paper that I draped the bathroom with) Addison litterally jumps out of the stall and we find about 10 ladies waiting to get their chance in the 2 stall bathroom and Addison exclaims so loudly that I think that the people who are in the drive through heard her "I POTTIED....YAAAAYYYYYY"!!! The entire ladies room in McDonalds erupts in a loud applause.

The second embarasment occurs at Ammons last night...we had just ate a wonderful fat filled meal when Addison exclaims again "need to go potty". So, I jumped up, but Addison couldn't simply just walk to the bathroom, she must go up to EVERY single table along the right side of the restraunt and say "Hey, going potty". I'm not kidding at all...the entire restraunt knew that Addison was going to the bathroom. I have now learned that she just goes to public restrooms to "visit". You know, see how different it is, get a chance to mingle and meet other people....

Anyway we and our wallets are so excited for her accomplishment. It is so nice not to have to go to Sam's anymore to purchase the big box of diapers that comes out around $ 41.38 every 3 weeks.

Addison's second accomplishment (& don't tell her) is that we are finally getting rid of the beloved ci-ci (her pacifier). It has taken months to do this, and she is finally only taking it at bedtime...and hopefully she won't need it for that much longer....I'll keep you posted!

I also have an accomplishment, for 6 weeks now I have been asking you to pray for my broken ankle....I went to the doctor on May 20 and the doctor said that I was doing "great"! I have been allowed to walk around the house barefoot (on both feet), and I only have to wear a small ankle brace for another month! I am walking a little stiff, but I am told that it will go away soon, I may possibly require a few visits to physical therapy, but I am doing much better!

Hopefully, pictures will be up soon!


  1. Way to go, Addison!! Can't wait to see you guys - both of the girls are getting so big! Just please lay off of the green font - hard on my eyes.