Friday, June 5, 2009

Attack of the Ducks!

After dinner tonight we decided to take a drive to Lake Junaluska to feed the ducks (or duk-duks) as Addie calls them. Apparently, due to the bad economy the ducks have not been fed as much lately. As soon as we parked, the ducks started "mingling" up toward us, and when began to open the bag of old stale bread it was on....we were even scared for our safety. Suddenly, at least 40 ducks were right under our feet...some were even venturing under our car. There were also about 10 geese that began hissing at us if we didn't feed them fast enough.

We then tried to get smart by only throwing the chunks of bread into the lake or far away from us in fear that we were all going to be pecked to death. Those darn ducks just wouldn't fall for it, they continued to inch closer and closer to us!

I then taught Addison my famous "duck dance" that I learned in elementary school, but that didn't scare them off either (funny, that always worked to scare off ducks when I did it years ago). All in all, we had a great time and didn't get pecked at all!

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