Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun Family Night

After several weeks of ordering take out and going out consisted of playing in the yard, the Goodman family was in search of some Saturday night fun. We had thought all week about what to do with our Saturday with nothing planned. If you know us, you know that a Saturday with nothing planned rarely happens. We had thought about a day trip....Ripleys Aquarium (too much walking on a broken ankle & we are going to the aquarium at the beach in Oct.), The Cabbage Patch Factory ( too far away, afraid that Addison would not be interested).

We have always wanted to go to one of those "paint your own pottery studios", and since we figured that there wouldn't be much walking and it couldn't be too expensive...why not?? We also thought that Addison would love it. For mothers day she painted me a beautiful masterpiece complete with a hand print in the center. I have hung it up and almost every day she points to it and screams "mama paint, paint hand". So, Spunky and I were thinking that we had the next Van Gouge (sp?) on our hands we wanted to see how she created her marvelous masterpieces.....

We first sought out a studio and found one on Hendersonville Road in Asheville. The little studio is called "Claying Around" and it is located in the Harris Teeter shopping center (behind the drive - thru Starbucks). The women that work there are also really friendly and were very helpful to our little family.

When you get to the studio you must first pick your pottery. We all three decided to create a little masterpiece, so we each picked something. Addison picked a plate, Spunky picked a huge mug, and I picked a rather interesting little bowl.

Next you pick your colors and properly dress your two year old. Addison picked out her own clothes for the day which consisted of a brand new sundress and her new little brown sandals. I was convinced that we could still keep the new clothes clean, so we brought one of Dad's t-shirts and rolled up the sleeves. My plan worked and she did remain paint free.

After we handed Addison her palate of paint and her plate she went to work....she swiped colors everywhere and after two minutes (right when I sat down to start working) she exclaimed "Mama...done". I then pulled out the stamps that the staff was so nice to loan us to try and occupy her a few more minutes and she said "huh-uh.....done". I then pulled out a paint brush to paint her hand to press it on the plate (which was half covered) and she started screaming bloody murder....."AAAHHHH....MAMA......NO....NO......HAND......MESS". "NO MAMA....MESS".

If you must know, when I was a child I hated for my hands to get dirty. I remember once in 3rd grade, we were supposed to do this craft project where you paint your hands and put the imprint on a sweat shirt, and unfortunately I was unable to complete the task. My teacher stood by my desk the entire time (trash can in hand) because I continued to gag the entire time, my teacher (Mrs. Free) had to finish my sweat shirt for me. I was scared of all projects like this....even glue sticks......

After Spunky and I attempted several times to paint our daughters hand the store clerk attempted. Again, Addison yelled "NO....MESS". Addison then climbed up in my lap and helped me with my bowl. Then finally I convinced her to allow me to paint her hand. Of course it did not turn out as planned as I squeezed her little hand on her plate. I think that the only way that I convinced her was when she saw me get paint on my own hands and the fact that I didn't vomit, gag, or die.

As we finished our little projects we decided that it was time for dinner. We have had this gift card for Outback Steakhouse since Valentines Day (thanks mom & dad), and we haven't had the chance to use it because Outback is always so darn crowded (how can you wait more than 20 minutes with a busy bee 2 year old???). I called Outback and they told me that there was "no waiting" (No waiting at 6PM on a Saturday've got to be kidding me). They were right and we were pleasantly surprised as we walked in the door. We settled for a table outside because of the beautiful weather, and I love dining outside.

Dinner was wonderful....I had a delicious salad, Spunky had his usual steak, and Addison adored her happy meal from McDonald's. It was simply a glorious evening complete with a trip to the Asheville Mall so that Addison could jump on those trampolines attached with bungee cords. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture this moment on camera.

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