Saturday, July 18, 2009

Me, Daddy and The 5 K

Hello, Addison Kate Goodman here! I am going to be helping mommy with this post!
Today was very exciting! First of all, Daddy and I have been running together all summer...well Daddy does the running while I eat my snack in my stroller and cheer him along! So, earlier this week we found out that there was a race in our town! It was called the Folkmoot 5K, Daddy has wanted to run a race for a very long time and this one would be a good one to start with!
You see, when Daddy was a bit younger and had a lot more hair he ran races all of the time, he was on his high school's cross country team! His senior year of high school he finished 4th in the State of Georgia! He also ran a lot more races...even carrying the torch for the 1996 Olympics!

So, it's been a while since Daddy has ran an actual race! When he found out about the race he asked me to stroll along with him. Being the good girl that I am, I agreed!

Unfortunately, this whole thing started wwwaaayyy too early on a Saturday morning. Daddy came and woke me up at 6:15 am, that's even before Pooh comes on! So, I sat in the recliner and stared at my breakfast while I woke up. Then I remembered that today was RACE DAY! So, I got very excited and a little inpatient when Mommy couldn't get her hair dried fast enough.

When we got to the Folkmoot Center in downtown Waynesville there were athletic people everywhere...I got a little freaked out, but I was still ready to cheer Daddy along in the stroller. But then, my very best friend came.....NANA! I barely had time to give Nana a hug and a kiss before Daddy had put me back into my stupid stroller and was making me find our place in the line up. I then decided that I did not want to run this race! Yes, I was really excited before Nana showed up, but now she was here and all I wanted were some Nana snuggles.

Nana waved goodbye to me, but I was determined that I was not going to run this race. I stood up in my stroller and cried at the top of my lungs and all I saw was Nana and Mama to walk away thinking that I would settle down after the race got started. Daddy rocked me back and forth, telling me that he needed me to run with him. I did not care if Daddy needed me at this point, but I needed my Nana...I didn't get to see her on Friday and I needed to see her today. I cried and cried while Nana looked at me from across the street. Finally Mommy came squeezing through the crowd. She grabbed the stroller away from Daddy as he just shrug his shoulders. Mommy then squeezed us back through the crowd telling people that I had decided to drop out of the race, but I didn't care...I just had to find my Nana.

Finally, I reached Nana and I watched all of the runners (Daddy included) take off really really fast. I watched the entire race from the comfort and safety of Nana's arms.

About 15 minutes after the runners took off, some of them started trickling back in. We waited for Daddy, but suddenly he came running in finishing the race in 24 minutes, 40 seconds. We were all so proud of Daddy, and Daddy said that he enjoyed it, but he missed me! Look for Daddy to run more races, maybe I'll join him one day!

Getting my snack ready for the race!

Coaching Daddy on his stretching

Daddy finishes the race in 24 min. 40 sec.


  1. very cute post! way too go spunky!

  2. Yay Spunky! I think my brother ran in that one too...he has become a big runner and runs a lot of races. Little Addison is such a cutie!