Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday...

I haven't participated in a "Not Me Monday", in quite a while, but after the week that we've had a "Not Me Monday" is definitely in order. If you think that I'm crazy, and don't know what I'm doing please head over to !

* After the snow had stopped on Saturday, my lovely little one wanted to go outside and I definitely knew where her gloves were, and I did not have to put socks on her hands because you know....things get lost in our house!

* Also because of the crazy snow, I did not get cabin fever so severely and jumped into my Nissan Rogue and backed up out of the drive and tried to get out (especially after my husband was standing in the car port advising me not to back out, because I could get stuck), and I did not get stuck, and it did not take my husband an hour to get me unstuck....oops!

* I also did not come very very close to running out of toilet paper, and I did not have to call my parents to bring us some, because we couldn't get out!

* And lastly.....I did not run out of deodorant and I did not wear my husband's Old Spice instead.

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