Saturday, May 15, 2010


As many of you know, recently my husband went on his first mission trip to Brazil. He left on April 9 and returned on the 18th. He first arrived in Manaus, Brazil, flew to Santarem, on a boat and traveled for 7 hours into the Amazon rain forest. Once he reached his destination he ministered to two villages in the rainforest. He & his mission team (of 7 other people) did bible school activities with the children in the morning, went and handed out tracks to the "locals" in the afternoon & ended up the day by showing Christian films (one night it was Facing The Giants, in Portuguese) to the adults.

This post can't do justice to the work that God did while he was in Brazil, one night over 30 youth came forward and made decisions for Christ, and I'm sure that there were many more. "Spunky" says that the best part of the trip was working with the children, many afternoons hubs & some of his buddies could be found playing soccer with teenage boys... and there are many more stories.

For Addie & I, the week was difficult with hubs being gone, but we had a blast at the same time! The hardest part was not being able to communicate with "Spunky" the entire week. On Thursday, I did receive a post card, sent from NYC while hubs was on a layover & to be honest with you, it totally made my day! I took half a week off of work & we spent our days hanging out with the other "missionary widows" as we called ourselves, shopping, cleaning & of course paying visits to the Waynesville Rec Center.

I will leave you a few pictures of the great time that hubs had....
The children of Brazil. My favorite picture from his trip, I think that this little girl is just beautiful and this mother just wanted hubs to have a picture of her little girl because he had such an impact on their lives.
This is the local church.

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