Monday, August 9, 2010

Addison's Summer....

With summer drawing in for a close, I wanted to update everyone on Addison's summer. Summer has been a blast for Addison, it was filled with lots of swimming and playing outside. With that, Addison has had quite a few changed in her life this summer.

The first change was that we have switched her child care from her baby sitter to a really nice pre - school located downtown. We were always happy with her baby sitter, but we were getting concerned that she may not be quite ready for kindergarten. This pre school is AMAZING to say the least, Addison is now exposed to so much more and we can tell a HUGE difference in our child since she first started her pre - school. For starters, her vocabulary has expanded & it seems like she associates what she is learning at school at home now. Her second day at school was "blue day", so I dressed her from head to toe in blue. She has known her colors for a very long time, but when she got home she associated what she had learned with other objects in our house that were also blue. She went from room to room and told me everything that was blue in that room.

Addison is also learning a lot about the bible at school as well, she was able to participate in Vacation Bible School and she also attends chapel once per week. One week was entitled " Bible Story Week" and she learned about a different bible story each day.

In a couple of weeks, she will also have the opportunity to participate in Computer and Spanish classes, along with several field trips throughout the year. Needless to say, we are very excited about this new adventure.

Another big change for Addison was ....

Yes! she got her ears pierced. She has been wanting to do it for months, but she recently mustered up the courage to do so!

One Saturday evening at The Asheville Mall, she said that she wanted to do it, so I took her into The Icing, she walked in and exclaimed "No, not this ear piercing store" so we walked to Claire's, I first let her pick out her earrings and she chose a little pair of small flowers that were different colors. I then put her up in the chair and the lady came over and did it really fast, she did cry, but not until the second ear was pierced. She wanted to take the earrings out at first, but once she saw them in her ears she loved them. Once down from the chair, she ran over and picked out a new Dora The Explorer purse & diary ( I know, why does a 3 year old need a diary?) But, who was I to tell her no after she went through all of that?

She's also doing well when we have to clean them with solution 3 times per day, she's just anxious to wear Mommy's earrings really soon!

More updates to come soon!

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog. THanks for the recent post :) her little earrings are sooo cute cute cute! You know I cant wait til Ana wants to get hers done! Oh and Jason and I are sooo proud of her with playing soccer and all. WOuld love to see you guys soon- miss you!