Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 Christmas Tree

This is our beautiful Christmas tree for the year 2010. It is a little shorter than what I thought that it would be, but it will do! Addison had to put the star on before she put any more ornaments on! Haha!

Addison loves our tree, she often times goes around and looks at all of the different ornaments and talks about them. Her favorite is her ballerina ornament that I bought for her when we were on vacation.

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is my Christmas tree skirt. I have often joked with my husband that if our house catches on fire, that I am going to run down stairs and grab our Christmas tree skirt (after Addison is safe, of course). Our Christmas tree skirt is special because all of our guests at our wedding signed our Christmas tree skirt with fabric pens, instead of signing a guest book. So many of them wrote such sweet messages to us, reminding us to keep Christ in the center of our marriage. Other messages strike my heart like one from my cousin Amy who passed away with cancer this year. Her message states " We love you, remember to keep Christ in the center of your marriage." And I always love reading those messages from my high school friends like Lauren and Heather, it always makes me reminds me about the fun that we had growing up together.

One of the things that Addison and I do at night is lay down under the tree before any gifts are placed beneath it and look up at the lights on the tree, sometimes Ellye comes to join us, and hubs tells us that we are crazy!

Just making memories!

Until next time!

Keisha :)

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