Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Fireworks!

Normally, labor day weekends are spent in Clemson, SC, but since our tigers were playing Troy ( yeah, I don't know who they are) we decided to have a stay-cation this year.

Luckily, our town was having a free fireworks show on Sunday evening, so we went!

We arrived a little early (okay an hour and a half early) to get the "right spot". Should I mention that before arriving we had a not so great meal at Subway and we gave our child coke to drink...
(Gasp all you want) So, needless to say she was bouncing off of the walls and there was nothing for her to do except sit and play her Leapster.... so we walked across the street to Jelly Belly and bought her a ginormous colorful sucker....

yeah, so she could have more sugar and bounce around and make silly faces....

The fireworks finally began and they were gorgeous! We had a great time, we even sang songs at the top of our lungs and have our "firework neighbors" give us strange looks.

Family Memories!

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