Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Tonight was a new adventure in Addison's life. Tonight, was her VERY FIRST ballet lesson. Back in the summer I searched for that perfect ballet studio, one that wasn't based solely on competition, one that still had some competition, affordable & most importantly that they had evening classes available. I finally stumbled upon Triple Threat Performing Arts Academy in Sylva, and we enrolled Addison in Pre - Dance.

I purchased her adorable leotard with a tutu attached from Target, and I will soon purchase her ballet shoes from her dance studio.

At first, she wasn't very interested in going to ballet, but once she arrived she saw her friend Lydia from church and became very excited! She grabbed Lydia's hand and walked off to her studio with barely a "bye mama". Fortunately, I was able to watch her entire class on a t.v. in the waiting room and I was really impressed with her dancing abilities. During her first class she learned several stretches, first position, and some different kicks.

She has her recital in May, and we are very excited to see where this takes her in life!

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  1. If she ever practices in her leotard, take a picture, we'd love to see it! Sounds like she's just one step from a lead role in the Nutcracker!