Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We celebrated our fourth of July last night in our little hometown. At our local fairgrounds their was a carnival set up along with free entertainment and fireworks. What we didn't anticipate for was the crowds, it was A LOT more crowded than we ever thought that it would be. So crowded that it raveled my nerves a little bit. Super crowded environments make me place my 4 year old in a baby carrier and carry her around, but I suppose that she's too old to do that...

Seeing that she is now tall enough to ride the swings by herself....she was so excited!! She has been patiently wanting to ride the swings at every amusement park that we have been to, but now she is tall enough!

And she's also tall enough to ride the miniature pirate ship! I know that she doesn't look that excited, but I promise that she was!

Right before the fireworks we met up with sweet Meli from my Sunday School class, Meli was really excited to ride the caterpillar with Addison!

And at last, we craned our necks to see the beautiful fireworks. Addison was a little scared at first, but calmed down after she saw the beautiful colors.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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