Sunday, July 3, 2011


It donned on me the other day that my child has not ever had a s'more! So, I decided that we needed to change that. Then it occurred to me that we do not have a fire pit and we don't ever go camping.

Dad to the rescue!!

He suggested that we use our char coal grill, and it worked!!

Addie on the other hand, only liked placing the marshmellow into the fire and allowing it to ignite, causing her mother to have a heart attack and to run over at the speed of lightning to extinguish the charred marshmellow. And of course, the same thing happened when I snapped this picture.

Oh and please excuse hubs' ridiculous outfit, we had just returned from the track ( we'll save that for another post) and please also excuse our Virgina Tech chairs, we are truly Clemson fans, but I bought those on sale last year at K-Mart and hubs is really really embarrassed to sit in them!

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