Monday, August 10, 2009

Spish Splash! Daddy's Birthday Weekend!

Whew! We have been so so busy for the past couple of weeks, it did not even hit me until the other night that I haven't even posted in the past couple of weeks...

On July 31- August 2 our family took a little trip to Pigeon Forge, TN to celebrate Spunky's 32nd birthday! While in Pigeon Forge we indulged in a little shopping, and a lot of swimming. One thing you have to remember when taking a 2 year old on vacation is that you MUST have a pool, a nice clean pool at that. Well, our nice hotel had 2 pools and a mushroom thing that sprouted water over the top. Our little girl just had to be in the water the entire seemed that each night after dinner or whatever we were doing we landed back in the pool until um....I'm embarassed to say but she stayed in the pool until like 11:00 each night (hey, it's vacation people). But after that she slept soundly alll night.

We also went to Dollywood's Splash Country while in Pigeon Forge, forgive me but I didn't get many pictures during our trip to Splash Country in fear of getting our camera wet. Addie had a wonderful time there! She actually went down a couple of slides by herself (while wearing a life vest). They have a lot of kiddie slides there that Addison could enjoy! Several times Spunky would walk Addie up to the slide, place her on it and I would wait at the bottom of the slide and catch her. Every time that she came down a slide she had the biggest smile on her face!! After our trip to Splash Country Addie and Spunky had the most beautiful golden brown tans, while I came home with a nice lobster like glow, complete with peeling!

On Spunky's birthday on Tuesday, Aug 4 we celebrated with a bbq dinner from Butt's On The Creek. All in all I think that he had a great birthday! Enjoy the few pictures that I did capture!

Let's move in the luggage!
Addison enjoys a piggy back ride from Dad while at Splash Country!
After an entire day of swimming we were conked out!

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