Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mommy's Day Out...

Yesterday was a great day! 

I had my postpartum doctor's appointment in Asheville, so I hired a babysitter for Addison.  This was only the second time that I have ever hired a babysitter, but after yesterday I may do this more often because Addison thought that it was a special treat having a teenage girl come over and play with her! I ended up taking Finn along with me and we made a trip to my office to show him off.  He was so good the entire time and several of my co - workers even held him!  It was bittersweet being at my office, I miss my co workers and the adult interaction, but I am really going to miss my kids during the day.  I feel confident that Finn is going to be great at his little school that he's going to go to, and I think that Addison has turned out great being in daycare for the past 5 years.  She's not anxious or anything about starting kindergarten and she really misses her little friends, we even call them on the phone on occasion.

Finn did great at the doctor's office as well, but I ended up having to feed him while waiting for the doctor.  I did have to have the nurse hold him while the doctor did my exam, but she didn't seem to mind.

After we got back into town, I still had an hour or so before I had to relieve my babysitter so Finn and I went by to see Josh at work during his lunch hour.  All of his co workers oohed and ahhed over out little guy, Finn snoozed away, so he's unaware of how cute all of Josh's co workers think that he is.

When we got home, I ended up dropping off our babysitter and I decided to take her and Addison to lunch at Subway.  Addison always puts up a fight about eating sandwiches, but she loved sharing our sub sandwich at Subway.  Maybe this is a start, because I am super anxious about the lunch situation at kindergarten.  She can only pack a sandwich or something of the likes at kindergarten.  This is a big change from her lunches at pre school, because they had microwaves available so the teachers would often heat up chicken nuggets, pizza or mac - n - cheese for her.  I am not opposed to her eating in the cafeteria, but she's a really picky eater and I hardly doubt that she would eat meatloaf, fish sticks or some of the other options.  Maybe this will be a good thing though, maybe she will start to eat a wider variety of foods...I guess we will see!

When we got home both of the kids took great naps, and then Addison and her Dad went out for ice cream and Finn and I stayed home, drank a bottle and watched a little HGTV.

It was a great day!

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