Thursday, July 19, 2012

This week...

This week has been great! Here are the highlights...

**Addison's 2 besties invited her to bible school at their church, so she went every single night and loved it!!  While there, she sang songs, made some awesome crafts, and was visited by a firetruck, a police car and an ambulance.  She woke up every morning asking when it was time to go to bible school.  Tonight was commencement and I was even a little sad that it was all over because I know how much fun she has had all week.

** On Wednesday we went shopping with my mother in law to Khol's to purchase Addison's back to school clothes and backpack.  I also visited the R.E.I. store for the very first time to purchase some Keen shoes for Addison...they are the greatest shoes ever!!!  I normally buy them for her every spring, but this year I couldn't find them at the store that I usually get them at, and someone told me that R.E.I. had them and they were correct!

**Today we had a playdate with some friends at our house, I served hot dogs, pasta salad, veggies & chips.  Everyone had a great time, including Finn!!

** I just ordered Addison's back to school outfit, it is adorable, but I was so sad to be buying a new dress to wear to kindergarten.

It looks like we have a great weekend in store, I can't wait to spend time with my family!

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