Friday, August 10, 2012


Some of you may have noticed the button to your left, that's Lucy.  Lucy has become a part of our family, even though we have never met her.  I first stumbled across Lucy and her precious family (big sister Ella, little bro Jack, her mom Kate and father, Erik) on another blog.  At the time Lucy had just been diagnosed with cancer and the outcome was not favorable.  My family and I hit our knees praying for this little girl in Tennessee and our prayers have been answered because this week Lucy walked into her kindergarten class for the first day of school.

Today, Lucy's mom wanted to meet all of the families that have prayed for her daughter in a linky party.  So of course I linked up.  So let me first introduce our little family.

I am the Mom, Keisha.  I am 29 years old and have lived my entire life in Western North Carolina.  I had always dreamed of living somewhere else, but as I grew older I realized that Western North Carolina is a great place to raise my children.  I work as a pediatric dental assistant and I can say that this is my dream job, along with being a mother & wife of course.  I will volunteer at most church activities, especially those of which include children, I love to blog, bake and pulling for our Clemson Tigers.

The Dad, Josh or "Spunky" to which most people call him is 35 years old has been married to me for the past 8 and a half years, works in maintenance at a local community college as he takes courses to become a minister.  "Spunky" is such a great father and husband, even staying beside my side this entire week while I underwent 2 nights in the hospital and emergency gallbladder surgery.  He loves Clemson football, coaching our daughter's soccer team and making our yard the most beautiful one in the neighborhood.

The daughter, Addison is almost 6 years old and will be starting kindergarten in 3 days (yikes!), she loves being mommy's helper, jumping on her trampoline, mac - n - cheese, and playing soccer.  She's a little hyper, but she's our girl!  Her Daddy always prayed that God would give her a BIG personality and he answered that prayer for sure!  We love watching her twirl around in her princess dresses!

The son, Finn is almost 3 months old, even though he's still young, we can tell that he's a complete opposite of Addison's personality, he's very calm, loves to sleep and eat (which Addison never enjoyed at this age), and loves to spend his days kicking on a blanket in the floor.  He's our unexpected blessing from God and we love him to pieces!

So that's our family, and we will continue to pray for Miss. Lucy!


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  1. hi friend! your family is precious! Hugs from Mississippi!