Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First day of kindergarten!

Tonight I tucked in a little girl who just completed her first day of kindergarten. 

The day started early, I woke her up at 6:30, but this morning was different she had a jump in her step, a disinterest in her morning cartoons and an eagerness to get to school. 

She quickly dressed in her new freshly ironed dress and white canvas tennis shoes.  I shopped for a couple of months for the perfect "first day of school" outfit, and I finally found it online 2 weeks ago.  I'll never forget  the tears in my eyes when it arrived, because I knew where she would wear this dress.

We ( all four of us) arrived at school at 7:30 sharp, with my big Nikon camera around my neck like I was a tourist.  The school seemed so big for such a little person, but she navigated it like a pro, showing her Dad and I the cafeteria, library and the playground.

I have to say, I have been really impressed with her elementary school.  Addison had her first visit to the school back in May when they allowed the upcoming kindergarten class to visit the school to play and explore with the other children.  Then in July she went to the school for the screening and the following week she went to visit again to explore her classroom (complete with the class pet, a tarantula).  On Monday afternoon, her teacher and teacher assistant came to visit Addison at our house, where her teacher read a book to her and played with her a bit, so that Addison would become more familiar with her.

Even so, I was a bit worried about my girl today.  I was relieved when her BFF, Cecilia's mom (who works at the school)  called in the middle of the day to say that she had checked on Addison and she was doing great!  When I pulled up to the school to pick her up, I was so relieved to see her walking out, holding the teacher's hand.  She hopped in and said  "I had a great day and I want to go back tomorrow."

So, there's no turning back now....

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  1. GREAT news all around... surgery and your sweet baby girl off to Kindergarten! How can our biggest kids be this BIG?! She's beautiful!