Saturday, March 28, 2009

Girls Weekend!

First of all I want to apologize that there are NO pictures for this post. I'm waiting for my wonderful husband to return so that we can BOTH decide which camera to purchase. If you remember from my last post, our camera is broken because Addison dropped it in the hospital while we were visiting beautiful Ana Claire.

It has been such a great weekend (yes, we miss Dad)! Spunky is away at Chrysalis and we have not spoke with him since Thursday evening! So....what are two girls (three if you count Ellie) to do while Dad is away??? Have Fun!!

Saturday morning Addison and I stayed in our jammies until noon! We watched Sleeping Beauty, played babydolls, ate our lucky charms, cooked in her play kitchen, made a card for Dad and Uncle Sean, and now the little princess is down for her nap. We plan to go see Dad at Camp Tekoa this evening, eat dinner at McDonalds, and hopefully stop by Old Navy to find a white sweater to go with her easter dress! After all of that we're gonna head back so that I can get some snuggle time with Cooper (my nephew).

We've had such a great time together, but we do miss Dad and look forward to his homecoming tomorrow!!

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