Saturday, March 28, 2009

I miss my husband, but I'm enjoying....

10. sleeping in the middle of the bed
9. not having to hear him ask what's for breakfast/lunch/dinner
8. the toilet seat being down
7. not having to share Addison's snuggles in the morning
6. NO SPORTS CENTER (enough said)
5. not having to pick up dirty glasses around the house
4. not having to share my computer (or anything for that matter)
3. Addison wanting ME all of the time (she's such a Daddy's girl)
1. right now it is 11:04pm. and I just started a chick flick and I intend to watch the entire movie, if hubby was here we'd be in bed soon!

Yes Dad, we miss you dearly and can't wait til your return, but Addie & I have had a blast this weekend without you!!

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