Sunday, March 29, 2009

NOT ME! Monday!

Okay, I promised a really really good Not Me! Monday! so here goes....

While I was visiting some friends the other evening, I DID NOT forget to put Ellie up in the basement, and when I returned home I DID NOT notice white fur all over my black sheets, To clean up the mess I DID NOT grab the lint roller and clean up enough fur to make another lab puppy. Not me! You know, since it was like 10:30 pm I then started up the washer and washed my favorite sheets!

While hubby was away for the weekend, I DID NOT stay up til like 1 am every night watching old sitcoms like Family Matters and Friends. Then grabbing more rest during the day while Addie was taking her mid day naps. NOT ME! I went to bed at 11pm as usual.

That's it for the week! As you go throughout your day please pray for Mckmama's Stellan as he is still in the hospital with a serious heart condition that appears to be getting worse. You can visit her tab labled Mckmiracle!

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