Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mommy's Day Out!

Today was such a FUN day. I haven't had a day so fun since last summer when Spunky and I took Addison to Dollywood's splash country. So even though there was no water or sun involved TODAY was a lot of fun. Why you ask??

Today I (Keisha) spent the entire day with my fun loving sister. We got up early and ate a delecious breakfast cooked by Mom (gravy & biscuits, applesauce, sausage, chocolate milk the works...yum!) Mom even got up at 6:30 am to prepare the wonderful feast because our husbands had to be in Asheville for a Chrysalis team meeting.

Then, Christal & I had a couple of hours to play with our wonderful children. It is so fun to do that because Cooper can crawl now (and guess who forgot her camera so there are no pictures to show you), and he chases after Addison and grabs her ci-ci (passie). It is so cute to watch them play so well together. We can already tell that they are going to be really close!

So now it's going on ~ 10:30 and Christal and I head out and go to Gaffney, SC to the Prime Outlets. We had so much fun! We mostly shopped for our children's summer clothing while our wonderful mother watched our adorable children! We originally asked Mom to accopany us to Gaffney, but she declined saying that she would rather watch her grandkids than shop. Christal and I shopped for 7 whole hours!!! It was so much fun to spend time with each other. So...this is what I got for Addison:
*2 dresses
*2 packs of socks
* 1 pair of hot pink mary jane crocs
*1 pair of jeans
* 1 pair of shorts
*several shirts ( too many to count)
I also bought a couple of things for my hubby, some of Cooper's birthday gift, and myself a sweatshirt because it was sooo cold in Gaffney and I did not bring a sweat shirt with me!

Such a fun day....would love to make it a yearly tradition!

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