Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Outside Fun!

The Goodman family has really enjoyed the switch to daylight savings time & the wonderful spring like weather! Every afternoon Addison has retreated outside to play with Ellie and her power wheels (she calls it her beep beep). Enjoy the pictures that I got of her and Ellie on this spring like day.

Addison thinks it is so funny to chase you in the yard!! This very image makes me worried about her driving in 14 years!

Not to worry...Ellie was not harmed during the making of these pictures. She was too interested in this stick to notice that Addison was on her back!

And for those of you who are worried about my husbands elbow and looks like he is doing better don't ya think? Thanks for all of the prayers for him! We are so blessed that he can pick up his daughter like this, and she loves it and always begs for some more rough play!!

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