Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

Well the weather channel got the forecast right! On Sunday we recieved several inches of snow and it was beautiful! The snow started as we left for church on Sunday morning and we arrived home we had a couple of inches on the ground. By the afternoon we had enough to make this huge snowman! Addison had a great time playing with Ellie in the snow and only complained when she fell and could not get up from being so bundled up. Unfortunately our snowman only lived for one day; when we woke up on Monday morning the gusty wind had knocked him over during the night. It was fun while it lasted!


  1. Love the blog and an easy way to see pics of my adorable niece. I love you guys! Enjoy the snow!

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  3. Awesome you finally got a blog! Now we can at least see pictures, since we never seem to get together. Glad you enjoyed the snow day. We forgot your dog's name was Ellie...that's what we named the Turner's new goat! Addison makes a cute little snow angel.