Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Potty Time!

Well, it's official! Addison is officially "potty training". Addison first used the potty in April of 2008, but since then she has not been going regularly. We've tried everything...sitting her on the potty every few hours, pull ups, encouraging her to go to the bathroom; but all of those attempts just went down the toilet (without her pee pee and poopie).

So, we have started letting her wear "big girl panties" for most of the day. She still wears diapers for nap & bed time, but she is doing well with her panties. She has only had about 3 accidents all week. She actually went #2 on the potty on Sunday night for the first time. ( I have a great picture of this event, but I don't think that it is blog appropriate).

Her Dad and I are really proud of the big step that she is taking! Way to go Addison!!

P.S. She also gets m&m's every time she goes to the potty!

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